12 December 2013

A Seventh Birthday


Nobody even woke up until after 8am, and Morgan pretty much grinned from wake-up until sleep (except when a camera was pointed at her, of course). Everything was just the most wonderful thing ever. She is just so contented and easily pleased! Her birthday gift from us was a sweet little doll from Ladybird Doll Studio - Ponyo. And it was love at first sight.



Morgan chose Italian for dinner, and of course Ponyo had to have some too.


Right outside the restaurant was the winter ice rink on the market square, and Martin and I did that silent parental conversation over the table, eyes only; yes she'd love it! - have we got enough money? - maybe, shall I go check now while they're busy eating? - go go go - YES we can do it today! - shall we tell her? - no, wait til after the meal!


They were so surprised! :) It's tricky standing up on the ice, though.



I've never seen a bunch of children so darn happy to be falling over so many times!

And, well, cake. (She asked for a victoria sponge with real cream, and glitter on top. So that's exactly and precisely what she got. And a bright blue candle in the shape of a number seven.) By the way, this is an accurate depiction of Morgan's expression pretty much all day...


"Best birthday ever", apparently. :)


  1. Aw, she looks so serenely happy. What a wonderful day.x

  2. Happy Birthday Lovely Morgan - she looks like she had a truly magical special day.

  3. Gorgeous pics and she looks really grown up in the restaurant shot. The ice skating looked a blast what a fab way to end a happy day xx

  4. Looks like you had a lovely day.

  5. Awww glorious photos, Rye wishes her a happy birthday, and oh so many sweet birthday wishes from me too.


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