24 July 2013

Yarn Along - seagreen mittens and distractions

Knitting: Low Tide in deep teal shades, a pixie cardigan which only needs buttons and ends sewing in, and these finished beauties...
2013-07-24 21c - Copy

2013-07-24 21b - Copy

(Leave These to Me by Louise Zass-Bangham in my own hand dye.)

Reading: The Key. It wants to be by Dan Brown. That's not really a compliment. I'm way too distracted to read more than a page at a time which isn't helping its case. Getting ready for a craft fair, re-skeining yarn because Rowan got her hands on it and I just couldn't bear to send it to my customer tangled, and generally not *quite* keeping on top of things. Life is just a little bit hectic. In a nice way.

2013-07-24 22d - Copy

(Next time I get a new camera I swear I'm getting one that can cope with photographing shades of green!)

Joining in with Ginny and friends again for a weekly round up of yarns and yarns.


  1. Your wrist warmers are gorgeous love the pattern and the yarn.

    1. Thank you for reminding me, I've just added pattern details. :) They're a lovely knit. xx

  2. Lovely colours in those skeins, but what I can tell of the colours of those mitts, they're gorgeous! Reminds me of the lady of the lake colourway you did ages ago that I fell in love with but couldn't decide what I'd do with it.

    1. They're almost the exact reverse of Lady of the Lake, teal with blue rather than blue with teal. :)

  3. looks so lovely! a very calm beautiful colour!


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