31 July 2013

Yarn Along: ambitious projects

2013-07-31 19.24.02

I recently decided I needed to dig out the huge crochet blanket I started at least a year ago and didn't get very far with - of course I've long since given away or used up half of the yarn I started it in, so I've asked around for some scraps and bought a few new colours of Stylecraft.

I had initially chosen five colours for the blanket but now it's going to be a crazy rainbow, so I'm bringing in a few new colours at a time alongside a couple of the old ones, aiming to gradually drop the original colours, so that the randomness looks like *planned* randomness, and it isn't so obvious that I entirely changed my mind for no good reason. ;)

Basically, I blame Jacqui of Hooky Delights, because her blankets are just so gorgeous.

I'm also working on a Low Tide cardigan in my bright teal-y blue-green hand dye. It truly is a case of the sublime to the ridiculous, working with a big chunky basic crochet stitch pattern, and a more intricate sock-weight knitted lace (with which I'm still at the point where I feel like whining and saying, "it doesn't *look* like anything!"). Until I grasp the pattern and really fall in love with it, I'm alternating with the mindless crochet. :)

Books: I finished The Key. It was OK. Basically Dan Brown with added mysticism. I do suspect that "OK" is rather damning, of any book, coming from my mouth! Maybe it was all the distractions, but it got the same criticism as Inferno: laboured, a bit patronising, a bit clumsy, characters I couldn't care less about... I need some more great books to read. Not that I have money for books right now.

Jenna has almost finished the first Percy Jackson book and she has hugely enjoyed it. For me it's the second reading, and although I liked it first time around I'm finding it falling very flat on second reading. Jenna *loves* the mythology, all the literary references (like the little proto-nerd she is), but even so she agrees that it's no Harry Potter (and we both also find it very annoying that although Annabeth is touted as clever and brave it's also very clear that she's mainly there to be the pretty love interest - she's just no Hermione)! I think I'm going to be hearing/reading the whole series back to back with her this year.

Joining in with Ginny and friends for the weekly round up of knitting and reading. :)


  1. Argh! The knit night girls came round last night and very happily took anything off my hands that I showed even the slightest bit of weakness/inclination to giving up. So I don't really have anything left to send you. Sorry.

    I also found the group was very amenable to helping pack if fed pizza and allowed to pick a skein of handspun. Good way to downsize a little and a great lesson in letting go of stuff which whilst I may love, I'm unlikely to use anytime soon.

    1. That sounds like such a wonderful way to say goodbye, but very emotional! (gentle hugs) Wishing you just as great a community in Lincolnshire. xxx

  2. Nice blanket, it is double row upon row of double crochet with a chain between each dc?

    1. No chains at all, it's just working between stitches instead of into the tops. It's the vintage stripe blanket from Bella Dia. :)

  3. Thanks for the mention, hun :-)

    I think I have a couple balls of style craft I can spare :-)

    I am very open to bartering too... just saying ;-)

    1. No problem! But I think I probably have enough now, lots of folks have been really generous. :) I'll shout if I'm running low, though, and a trade sounds great. :)


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