2 July 2013

In which the children mostly run up and down hills...

We walked to the train station to meet friends from Lincoln today. The plan was for a walk and a picnic, and then maybe to town for coffee too. The adults had ideas about what a "nice walk" might entail. The children had other ideas. We stood for about half an hour while the children ran up and down the slope under a railway bridge.
They also poked a dead shrew. Our children are so civilised, you know.

Added to my list of things I never thought I'd say: "Please don't chew on the stick you poked the dead shrew with!"

Even bribery-with-picnic-food didn't tempt them to walk along the path. The steep banks, and lots of interesting winding trails leading off the path, were just too interesting. I'm sure they walked four times as far as we did.

The journey, not the arriving, is what they are all about! :) Not such an easy thing for mama, sometimes...


  1. My favourite sentence this week: "how would you feel if I spat a hedgehog at you?"!

    1. HA!

      My theory is that they are actually conspiring to get me to shout ludicrous and embarrassing things... ;)


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