17 July 2013

Things that are Not News

It's hot. It's sunny and pretty but also baking and sticky.

Baking and sticky little people are grumpy as heck and sometimes whine and sometimes scream and sometimes make my head ache, much as I love them. They also often stay grumpy until LATE. (And sometimes they make themselves a nest at half past ten and fall asleep in an improbable position.)
2013-07-16 22.08.43

But ice cold water and yarnie parcels and crafting distractions can make all kind of goodness from a day I'd really sooner forget! (I know it really is too hot to be knitting or spinning, and my hands stick to the roving, but it *is* lovely weather for dyeing roving and being elbow deep in cold water rinsing the stuff!)



  1. I've been spending my mornings knitting in the shade outside whilst the lil one plays. Too hot for inside here at the moment. x

    1. It's cooler in the house, here, even in the shade our garden is just baking! Everyone else seems to be getting outside so much of the day, and we're hiding from the heat inside such a lot!

  2. Wow, beautiful colours love the bottom one especially x

    1. Thank you! I'm very proud of my first attempts at spinning, although I have no idea what to knit with them. :)


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