21 July 2013

Baby Laughter

Talia has such a delicious happiness. She bubbles over with a peaceful joyful sweetness. I cannot get enough of hugging her. If she is my last baby, she has been a deliciously cuddly last baby, and I have filled myself up on baby kisses and just revelled in her desire to be held. The babyness never lasts - she smells of warmth and grass and biscuit, but the newborn skin smell is long gone. Her arms and legs are strong and sturdy, her hair just curling at the back there, her expression more intent and busy than ever.

It goes so fast, oh so fast. How did I ever spend so much time trying to put babies down to do other things?! What could be as necessary, as vital, as this?

Last night Talia giggled herself to sleep. Actually laughed herself to sleep in my arms. She had unlatched to offer me a kiss, and of course just one kiss was not enough, and I kissed all over her soft little cheeks as she laughed and laughed. I paused a moment. Then swooped in to kiss again, and the giggles started up louder than ever. As I withdrew for another round, her eyes closed - screwed tight shut as she does so often in playfulness. And she was asleep. Soundly asleep, with the biggest grin on her face.

Honestly, I feel like the richest person alive, right now. :)

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