25 July 2013

How the Kids Ruined Learn Nothing Day (AGAIN!)

Jenna first thing after waking up and turning on the TV: "I just realised the three little pigs in Shrek are meant to be German. They have German accents. On Scooby Doo the German man eats sausages - is that where sausages come from?"

And that's how my Learn Nothing Day was over as soon as it began. ;)

Rowan mixed orange paint to build a Gup. Morgan set up a book shop and put the entire series of Doctor Who books in order. Rowan and Morgan argued about whether it was permissible to make your own paper currency, and eventually decided that they would, and each would get a limited amount to spend. Morgan kept forgetting how much, though!

Morgan: That book is £600.
Rowan: Oh, I only have £500.
Morgan: OK, it's £9.
Rowan: Yay! That means I have loads of money left in my bag!

Rowan built a den with the play silks. Jenna watched Horrible Histories and played chess against the computer. Morgan helped make new labels for my yarn for a craft fayre and helped untangle a skein. Rowan pulled out her Ocean encyclopaedia, and found a sheet I'd printed off months ago about the comparative sizes of different ocean mammals. Jenna added to her Klimt collage and drew some pictures. Morgan made herself a sari.

Ah well, maybe next year we'll at least get to 9am? We totally failed at taking a holiday from learning this year... At least I get to gleefully enjoy recounting our failure, eh? ;)


  1. Hehe, we had a major fail here too, so much for learning nothing hey. Charlie woke up, climbed in bed next to me and re-told most of the Star Wars script! :)

  2. Funny! Early morning seems to be the time for deep questions in our house, or last thing at night, when I am too tired to answer1
    x x

    1. Yes, the twilight hours of deep thinking haha.

  3. That is awesome :) I'm going to start tracking how much non-learning we do too! Sounds like a fun project.

    Is the gup project from the Octonauts magazine? my son is loving Octonauts too at the moment and cannot wait to make that with me. I had to hide the box in a cupboard as he wanted to make it at 9pm :/

    1. Yes, it was Octonauts magazine, a favourite of my four year old! :)


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