15 July 2013

Weekending: shade-seeking summery

This weekend my middle brother and family had arranged a birthday party on a local park for my little nephew Joshua. They picked the perfect shady spot under the trees, and we had just such a beautiful day chatting and celebrating.


The children wanted the giant lollies, then quickly got bored of them and left them in cups for me to "look after" while they ate practically their own body weights in fresh fruit and ice cubes.


Six fruit skewers, this tiny human consumed, SIX! Some days she just seems to eat nothing at all, and yet some days she will easily eat an adult portion of something she thinks looks tasty. Today she didn't want food at all, until she spotted a salad someone had left at sling meet and sat eating all the onion off it. Yes, I know, I'm a terrible mother because my children forage/eat sweets/gorge on random things/don't eat enough. ;) I tell you, letting go of the idea that I need to control everything that goes into their bodies has been a very liberating process!

The garden is pretty parched, but the roses still bloom gloriously and perfume the air. The willow tree provides just enough shade to sit out there in the mornings and evenings.


I'm not all that keen on very hot weather. Which is practically sacrilege to admit in a country that makes complaining about the rain a national sport. I like the shady crisp cool depth of Autumn. I'm a bit melty and grouchy right now. I'm glad for the bright beautiful days and the outdoor living, but I need a fresh breeze in my hair to be entirely happy with the weather!

Sunday morning I had one of those moments where I realise I've been too preoccupied, busy, and sticky-hot to offer anything new and exciting for a few days, so I got the paints out in the garden for the three smaller ones (while Jenna was still off camping with her friend, and apparently wallowing in a huge muddy puddle!) - I fully expected them to end by painting themselves and each other, and of course they delightedly did. :)



Then we visited a friend for the afternoon. Jenna and Jeremy spent some time shrieking with delight and allowing the younger children to use them as floor cushions, and Talia mostly experimented with the piano (and was *very* surprised by the sound of the trumpet). It wasn't a quiet afternoon, but no less welcome for it. None of the children wanted to head home to bed in spite of the lateness of the hour and the necessity of getting a lift while one was on offer!


This week is already looking like another busy and outdoorsy one. I'm definitely starting to feel a bit more positive and like I've turned a corner out of the long and difficult month. I can't remember feeling quite this light-hearted for a while. :) Maybe all the sun is doing me some good after all.


  1. Love the trumpet picture! I know what you mean about the heat, I find myself hiding inside for the hottest part of the day and only going out in the morning and evenings. Maybe I will start having a siesta!

    1. Oh I'm in! Siestas all round! :)

  2. Beautiful summery pictures - love the kids painting themselves and each other - we seem to nearly always end up doing the same when using paint or chalk outside! I agree wholeheartedly that too much heat is not my favourite, but those long and light days of summer definitely lift my spirits too, especially if I can find some water to cool off in. Wishing you a happy, light-filled week xx

    1. Thank you, you too!

      I find myself having weeks when I avoid getting the paints out just so that we don't have to all bathe *again* but in this weather the children prefer to spend half of the day in the bath anyway! :)

  3. I'm not a fan of heat either, and must admit that the past few days I've hidden away inside to keep out of it.. however, Rye is going a bit stir crazy, so I need to kick myself up the bum and get out and about with him....not least to go into town to get him a pair of shoes for his dance show. (sigh) Iknow, I should be excited his first dance show.. at the moment all i can see is how much it's costing!

    1. Jenna needed a LOT of costume bits for her last show - all the other children had school uniform and PE kit already haha. Not cheap!

      Oh that pull between wanting to stay where it's cool and comfortable, and needing to go out to get stuff done. :/ Hope your trip was fruitful and stress-less!

  4. Another one hiding from the heat here, waaay to hot for me!

    Love the pic of Morgan, she looks so sweet.

    Jahara painted herself all over today too, she thought it was great fun...
    Gina x

    1. Morgan is such a very sweet little person. <3

      I hope you're finding plenty of shade. :)


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