29 July 2013

Random Things To Do on a Monday

- Move the large pile of mixed clean laundry, blankets, and pocket nappies from the back of the arm chair, make up all the nappies and put everything away properly. Find two books you've been looking for for months, a hair brush, and a cardigan that you don't recognise as belonging to any of your own children.

- Take everyone out for vegan milkshakes, just because.

- Forget to take back the library books, but borrow some more anyway. Remember to take all the children to the toilet before rhyme time so that for the first time in living memory you don't have to interrupt everyone's morning to take the toddler.

- Play with a static generating wand thingy at the toy shop, and make foil shapes float around. Find things to wonder about. Buy blueberries for snack. Go back for the library books because someone put them down.

- Admire the afternoon's creativity: a story cube by Morgan, a folding squirrel house by Jenna.


- Play a board game. Laugh. Play music, and dance. Read two more chapters of Percy Jackson while little girls run around with My Little Ponies and get shushed by their big sister several times.

- Celebrate the first wobbly tooth of a proud six year old.

- Laugh at a four year old's attempt at swearing: "Goodness GOSH, I told you ALREADY!!!"

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  1. sounds like a wonderful Monday! We too visited the library and then picked up cakes for Elevenses! Cute creativity and yay for the wobbly tooth!!


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