24 December 2012

The evening before...

And tomorrow will bring Christmas day, more celebrations; a day of gratitude and joy and those family customs which inculcate each.  Finally these squirmy excited ones have settled to sleep, full of grandma's scones and dressed in new pyjamas.

Just time enough for a last minute sweep round to set everything in readiness.  The giddy delight of preparing surprises and the child-like wonder as we sit and giggle together over the ritual of wrapping things in silks, filling stockings, and preparing breakfast for the morning.

Divine Storyteller, not for you pious platitudes, but love beyond imagining for the stories of each and all. Daily, busy, ordinariness. Tell all who need to hear this day, of the old old story of your love for us in every detail of our lives. As the gift is given secretly in quiet of night, bless us all with the surprise of your nearness.
[From The Celtic Wheel of the Year]


  1. Happy Christmas Sarah, Martin, Jenna, Morgan, Rowan and Talia.

    Much love to you

    san and co xxxx

  2. Merry Christmas, dear friend. I hope thhis day has, and continues to be filled with Joy, Laughter and Wonder. :D


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