12 December 2012

A Simple mid-Advent Daybook

Outside my window... everything is frosty and mist-wreathed, even at this time of the day.  The window transparencies are glowing.  The cat is sitting on the window sill staring in, sulking because I fed her a worming tablet a couple of days ago and she still hasn't forgiven me.

I am thinking... about dinner plans and birthdaying - wondering whether to put up different decorations for my sweet baby Talia, and deciding what ingredients we can use up tonight, and planning her birthday cake, abandoned in mid-preparation so that I could eat my lunch.

I am thankful... that when my dear dear husband was finally willing to admit that he has been struggling with depression and anxiety, he was heard by our doctor and has been given swift compassionate and meaningful help.  I am thankful for moments of quiet and seeing my children sitting together with a book, still and at peace with each other.

In the kitchen... the mixing bowl stands with dry ingredients for sugar-free chocolate cake measured out.  I can't resist the urge to make her birthday cake healthy-ish, even though this baby steals sugar at every possible opportunity!  There are still dishes piled up from Morgan's birthday yesterday: a plate with cake crumbs, the crusts of a supper honey sandwich, the baking dish from the fish pie Jenna made for her.  I must get around to dealing with those.

I am wearing...  the most comfortable little black dress ever, which I don't think I can give up even though it's well-worn now.  Purple leggings.  Comfortable ankle boots.  My beautiful birthday amber necklace; a flower with different colours of amber gleaming warmly from each pointed petal.

I am creating...  pink baby socks, lovely cabled cotton trousers, a vest cardigan...  I am making progress on all of them, but the next section of the cable trousers is tricksy and I'm putting it off until bedtime so I can concentrate.

I am going...  to feed the ducks with my baby tomorrow, and out for dinner with my grandma the following night.

I am wondering...  whether any of these little ones will nap during quiet time today after a busy morning!

I am reading...  the tricksy knitting pattern.  I haven't made time for any other reading for a few days.

I am hoping...  that my darling other half will swiftly regain his usual self.  It's hard to see him suffer, and to have things be so hard for us all, especially after so many years of battling depression myself.

I am looking forward to...  every little thing about the rest of this month!  There is SO much to look forwards to.  I am looking forwards to seeing Talia in her birthday crown tomorrow, and helping her blow out her birthday candles.  I am looking forwards to a frosty night time walk tonight (the activity from the girls' advent calendar today).  I am looking forwards to catching up with family and friends.  I am looking forwards to warming my friend's lovely new home.  I am looking forwards to the eighth night of Hannukah and making more latkes.

I am learning...  how walking the dark times grows us.

Around the house...  the chair in my living room is piled high with laundry - my task for this afternoon is to put that away.  Morgan has new blessings bunting hanging above her bed, a rainbow of wishes for a precious quirky daughter.  The marks of sticky fingers and a splotch of errant orange nail polish on my bedroom wall are prompting a desire to redecorate.  The children have hung bits of assorted ribbon on the Christmas tree.  Tiny grains of glitter and white sand are evidence of Rowan spending some quiet time with a sensory tub that ended with me being obliged to sweep the floor!

One of my favourite things...  is being able to dress my baby in garments I knit and crocheted for her big sister.  I love getting things down from the attic as they grow, having much-loved things used and loved over again.

A peek into my day...  
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  1. Where has the year gone, it seems like 5 minutes ago I was checking your blog to see if there was any birthing news. Its funny how some days never seem to end and yet it feels like we are hurtling at great speed towards a destiny unknown. Have a wonderful birthday baby girl Talia.


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