11 December 2012


How do these days creep up on me so easily?  These markers on our whirling dance around the sun, I can almost forget how quickly they approach from beyond the far horizon to grasp us by the hands and spin us onwards.  And you, how can you be six?

Steady little dreamer.  Firmly practical and yet content in your own little bubble.  Dear gentle heart.  Six years to know you, six years to hold you, six years to let your own sweet voice become strong and to protect your stillness and solitude.  Still I wish I could see into your head, my darling beloved stranger.

You are a blessing to me, and I pray that I may be a blessing to you.  My solemn, peaceable, sunshine daughter.

Today, we are birthdaying.


  1. Have a wonderful 6th birthday beautiful girl and blessings to you mama on your *birth* day :) xxx

  2. Beautiful words. Happy 6th birth day to you both.

  3. So eloquent as always dear friend! Happy, happy birthday to you both and yeah, how did she get so big, it seems like only yesterday I was reading of toddler adventures!

    Love to you both



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