4 December 2012

Calke Abbey and Window Transparencies

We visited Calke Abbey today in the sleet and the mud and the rain.  It was cold enough for us to head straight into the cafe to have some very expensive (but very welcome) cups of tea.

When we got out, the rain and sleet had stopped, and we grabbed a towel from a car to dry off the swings and slides for a good long outdoor play time until everyone was muddy and wet and cold!

Talia was fascinated with the wet slimy leaves, but didn't like them sticking to her fingers.

Hmm, so, this week...  Well the girls have seen a lot of their friends.  The activities advent is such a fun daily event.  We are *already* behind on the Jesse tree (!) and although I'm (almost) caught up with the laundry, the living room is an explosion of toys and teeeny bits of paper and crumbs and half crayons.  Jenna and Morgan have been working on maths stuff every day, in one of those fits of obsession that overtakes an unschooler seemingly at random.



I've dyed some more yarn for commissions, and Jenna painted the wooden angel for me from Waldorf Mouse.  I've reorganised and started labelling my stock.  Life is generally warm and creative and comfortable.


We made tissue transparencies inspired by Crafty by Nurture.  Jenna made a nativity scene.  Rowan made the sky behind a travelling Mary and Joseph (she was *not* impressed by my cutting skills - she told me that she thought they were a cow and a blob)...  Morgan made Jesus and three wise men in bright cheerful colours.  On the insistence of all three verbal children, I made Father Christmas.  Nobody was allowed to touch my cutting out.  I turn into OCD mama when my work in progress is being breathed on.



If I could only juggle enough plates (please excuse the mixed metaphor) perhaps I would also be managing to eat proper meals and have clean floors.  But hey, crafts, stories, work, friends and outdoor time are not-to-be-sniffed-at achievements for this week.  :)


  1. I love those nativity scenes, they are beautiful.

  2. beautiful nativity scenes, they are simple yet soooo effective, I will try this with my wee ones over the christmas break.


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