13 December 2012

Journey Song - a letter for your first birthday

One magical precious year, barely long enough to breathe together and gaze at each other.  Enough time for so many firsts: to smile, laugh, crawl, stand, speak, sing, dance, hug, reach for a hand.  I already see myself reaching for you, so often, as you run free - laughing at my confining hands.  Oh crazy baby, how you run.

Headlong to a future I don't think I can imagine.  Your future, Talia.  All yours.

Such a very short part of this journey you were helpless and in arms.  Every time I pass through babyhood with one of you, I learn again how very fast you move up and away and beyond me.  I will never regret one moment in which I gave my time and attention to you, no moment for kissing and rocking and stroking your soft cheeks was time wasted.  I took *every second* of babyness with you.

Fuzzy tiny daughter, this morning is the first mirror of many I will hold up to our meeting.  I will look at you with brand new eyes, as if learning you anew.  One year ago I was kneeling rocked by the power of your birthing, as your eldest sister rubbed my back and told me how near I was to meeting you.  I sang you out - and when I silently cradled your soft wetness in our small blue world, my heart sang instead.  A sweet song of triumph and overwhelming love for you.

Listen, little one.  I'm singing still.


  1. You put Motherhood into beautiful words. Happy Birthday Mamma and Baby x

  2. Beautiful beautiful words. A reminder for me in a difficult week too. Much love to your December birthday girls and the rest of you too xxx


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