17 December 2012

An Ode to Ashleigh


She arrives bearing lovingly knitted beauties for my babies' birthdays.  She steps right into our chaotic, noisy, messy life.


Walking up the long hill to the shops for doughnut supplies during Hanukkah.  Cinema trips, and folding laundry together.  Companionable evening knitting, giggling and putting the world to rights.  Taking my big girl shopping for a party dress, leaving my hands that bit more free for a while today.  Kissing my sweet tiny toddler and soothing a fretful bigger one.  It's such a blessing to have Ashleigh here.


  1. :-). Ah give her a hug from me :-)

    Love the owl jumper, fab!!

  2. Aw, *blushes*! and it's such a blessing to be part of your lives, for the good times and solace in the bad. Don't know what I do without you guys. Loves you!x

  3. The owl jumper has been on my to-knit list forever :) Is gorgeous.


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