1 June 2012

Sewing : Growing : Sunshine

Once the sewing machine comes out, I find so many things I want to "just" whip up, I end up staying awake until silly o'clock in the morning and cutting out a dozen projects. I finished this change bag for a friend, then started making clothes for the girls. DSC06221
In one morning, I made two skirts, a dress for Morgan, and two pairs of little trousers. DSC06235
I'm not actually great on the sewing machine - things come out the wrong size, and I rarely finish off edges properly. It takes concentration to make something neatly and hem it and everything, though I try much harder for other people than I do for myself. Morgan's dress I left with a deliberately rough edging with machine embroidery all the way around. It's so pretty, and it's her new favourite thing. DSC06272
After the sewing, I took the girls into town on my own to try to get to a protest about government priorities. Nothing seemed to be going on, and the police were quite visible, so I have no idea what happened really. But the park was nice!


Rowan didn't seem her normal bouncy self, and fell asleep on the picnic rug. I would suspect sunstroke but we'd only just come out! From the park we went to get milkshakes, and Rowan fell asleep on the chairs in the cafe, so we called it quits and came home at that point.

And now for something completely different. ;) Here are our baby caterpillars after just two days, from tiny little larvae to this:
Back to maternal smugness: oh look, more things I made! :)  Sorry, done with the sewing pictures now.  But the baby bottom was too cute to leave out.
Gratuitous baby smile...
An evening trip to yet another park felt like the thing to do, and refreshed us all a bit (melting, as we were).

And our garden finally got its yearly haircut and we gave in and trimmed back the willow so that my roses can breathe.

It's sooo summery this week. :)
There's so much light and warmth even in the evenings.  We're eating outside at least twice a day.

Oh my goodness, who is this person who refuses to stay baby-like? DSC06324
And we had friends over. It was wonderful. And we made icecream, although we really don't need to use friends as an excuse.


Just a few days more and the caterpillars have grown so much! Rowan adores them. They are so hairy and wiggly.
"There isn't enough *time*," is my constant refrain at the moment! Where are all these days speeding off to? If you work it out, perhaps you could let me know!


  1. Ahh wonderful summer days :)
    Oh how I wished we could come and play (I will get organised and come to inspired earth shop..soon)x

    1. Yes! :) I'm looking forwards to it. xx


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