22 June 2012

Better Late Than Never

Yeah so Wednesday passed me by completely.  You know how it is.  This week has been full to bursting and blogging is squeezed out whereas knitting simply *cannot* be sacrificed no matter how time pressed.  I am mostly working on things that are at that stage of long repeats and lots of plain persistance, which is convenient for constant distractions and car knitting!
Just after my picture of this shawl for last week's Yarn Along, Morgan accidentally pulled the needles out and made huge long runs in my work from a couple of those wayward dropped stitches.  I cried.  And spent half an hour putting it back on the needles and wrestling the stitches back into place.  And another hour knitting back to the point I had been at before.  Ah well.  Poor guilty Morgan felt so bad about it I kept trying not to look so upset!  Still the shawl grows - and Morgan and I are quite contented again.  ;)
See how patient I have grown with crafting?  This is a sock weight cardigan in stockinette - and nine month size, no less.  I know.  Me of the aran-weight-only knitting!  It's not far from done, either.  I loved the look of the cardigan but the pattern is full of messing about and sewing the edging down is going to be awful, but I'm sort of enjoying it anyway in a proving-myself-wrong kind of way.  It's satisfying to work on something fine and detailed and be getting there even though I consider myself a relatively inexperienced knitter.

If you're wondering why I'm not posting pictures of my reading at the moment, that's because I'm currently e-reading a fair bit and the e-reader is just not pretty in the way that books are pretty.  I'm renewing my teenage love affair with Emily Dickenson.  I just read The Importance of Being Earnest in one sitting.  And now, alas, I am not getting to see much of my e-reader because my non-reader of a husband has discovered The Hunger Games...  :)


  1. oh dear. how gutting to see all that hard work unraveled. But so glad it all came together again.

    1. I never would have managed to put that mess right even a few months ago, and I would have done a lot more ranting!

  2. I love that you are so patient...I am trying to be and just focusing on learning our family rhythm...difficult with the inlaws working to a different rhythm but they won't be here forever. I am just starting to learn to knit...well trying to anyway and your blogs always inspire me.

    1. It doesn't come naturally to me - it's learned patience, enforced slowness - and I have scary shouty temper tantrums with both knitting and children, still. I'm such a work in progress. Take the inspiration by all means but please don't think of me as a generally patient calm nice person! ;)


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