26 June 2012

Not Very Pretty

Four out of five butterflies hatched.  One was eaten by the cat, who was so entranced with the fluttering within the habitat she knocked it down.  One was injured by the habitat being pushed off the shelf in said butterfly-eating incident.  So, two.
Two butterflies were released into our garden (they are a native species, and we had always intended to release them).  We said a happy goodbye to them as they fluttered off into the garden (too quickly for my useless camera/skills), and we trooped back inside to scold That Bad Cat.
I somehow can't quite bring myself to raise butterflies again.  Not for a while, anyway.  Or perhaps, not in the lifespan of the Pet From Hell.  :S


  1. I'm really glad that you had those two to go home to, as it was looking at one stage that there would be none. And I know she trashed things and killed some of the butterflies, but I bet she had fun!! Either that or she was in the midst of a psychotic break. :s Glad that the girls managed to see the whole cycle.

  2. bless them. we raise butterflies every year. the boys find caterpillars and look after them till they change and then release them again. we have just had some here but when the first hatched it didn't have any wings.... it was a very odd thing.... turns out it was just as it should be and was called a female Vapourer moth. Shame it did not go to well for you this time. Cats do like to catch things that fly :-(

    1. Haha! What a surprise! I think I would have panicked a bit...

  3. We had very similar issues with raising butterfly's recently, most survived but once released into the garden they just all sat on the grass shell shocked and died! I then felt rather ashamed as it seemed quite obvious afterwards that it was all about my own gain ( the enjoyment of showing the kids the development of the species) rather than nurturing nature.
    On the issue of the Cat, in nature many would fall prey too it's the way of biodiversity, if anything you've given the kids a much more authentic insight to nature.


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