8 June 2012

Camp GP

Home for a few precious, stormy, sunny, ridiculously beautiful, communal days. DSC06422
And this was home in the daytimes, when the rain poured down (and down). DSC06424
We cooked communal meals on Joxy's tripod over the fire pit, or huddled inside on several little gas stoves, and everything was shared and delicious. I must have buttered three entire loaves for "starving" children, running around in the cold giving them even more appetite than usual. DSC06427
Apart from regular feeding, the children really didn't want our input. They had friends, and freedom, and wild open spaces, and the shelter when it was too hot or too cold for them. DSC06419
Milk-blissed baby slept wonderfully, snuggled in the crook of my elbow, with her little sock-hat on her head to keep her warm.

In the bitterly cold downpour of Sunday, we huddled in the car for a while, until I could feel my feet again. There was talk of going home in the morning, though none of us wanted to. And still the rain went on. My husband went to the nearest shop to try to get some wellies for me.
DSC06434 Life was better with warm feet. DSC06435
Wroxeter Roman playground ;) kept our spirits up. Though I lost my children and ended up crying and shouting by turns when I found them in the gift shop opening sweeties. I had been waiting outside the toilets for them to come out!


What's the time Mr Wolf?
Jacqui's birthday and SUN!
When she wasn't sleeping, Tali crawled around the group scavenging food.  Baby face down in a plate of noodles, om nom nom.  What can you do with a baby like that?
We all hate saying goodbye. It's far too final a word to say to such dear dear friends and soul sisters. It has even taken me longer to post, because I knew I'd just sit here wanting to come back. DSC06472
(Sleepy Morgan is chirpy and sweet. Sleepy Rowan is pouty and cross!) DSC06475
Civilisation has its perks. Warm dry beds, and baths, for example. But in my mind there is nothing half so civilised and civilising than sitting around eating a leisurely shared meal with friends. In a field, with the horse flies biting and the storm kettle refusing to light, and all.


  1. Looks like you guys all had a great time despite the rain. Sometimes wet play is fun but not always x

    1. For 24 hours it was horrible. We were grouchy, the kids were grouchy, it was just absolutely freezing, all our bedding got wet because the kids dragged it out to play with, we were ready to call it quits. But people loaned us bedding, the commune brought a stove down to heat the marque, and when we got up the next morning it was so hot most of us caught the sun!

  2. Wonderful post! Gorgeous picture of you with Talli on your back. I loved the fact that, the kids made a special birtday for Joxy, so sweet.

    Love to you San xx

    1. Jenna so wanted her to have a "proper" birthday. They were adorable, singing for her, putting on a show, making cards and decorations... :)

  3. Aw, how wonderful. So glad you had a good time, despite some pretty horrid weather!

  4. Ahh I almost feel I was there, looking at these wonderful photo's. Through rain and cold friendship prevails :) x

  5. *cries* I wanna go baaaaaaack!

  6. One of the best birthdays I've had in years, Jenna was a star! Really wish we could do longer camps and folks come a nd stay however long or when they are able. Three nights never seems enough!!

  7. It looks wonderful Sarah. I envy the 'sisterhood' aspect. I had a medical today and the Dr asked if I had many friends, I almost burst into tears when I had to say 'no, not really'. I have made some lovely online friends but nothing beats a cup of tea together eh.

  8. What a magical beautiful time :)
    Wild spaces, friends, food , shelter and love, these are all the things a child needs isn't it!
    Such simple thingss, but such nessecary ones. I love the picture of baby snuggled and wrapped on your back :)

  9. Oh man, the sleepy eyes! I love those pictures :) Looks like you had a great time, rain and all. Usually if it rains I'm first to check out and go home, but this past time camping we were having such a good time I didn't even mind a drizzle.

    1. Amber! I missed you. Where did you go? How are you settling in (I guess you actually did the move)? xxx


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