10 June 2012

Peaceful Sunday

Still waiting for the car to be (hopefully) mended, so there was no option of getting us all to Church this morning.  After feeling horrible all day yesterday, I decided that the first thing I can actually fix is sorting the house out a bit.  Three boxes of charity shop stuff.  One bin liner of recycling and rubbish.  And more loads of laundry than I would care to admit even here.  The hall is tidy again!  My house is starting to feel like I'm in control again - a little.
The kitchen floor needs cleaning.  The stairs need hoovering.  Another load of bedding needs washing.  The camping stuff needs to go into the attic.  Otherwise, it is a new space, and I am feeling so so much better.
The yarn I just "had to" sort out is on the line.  I used some logwood dye exhaust to dye two skeins a few weeks ago and it came out so very BLUE, I thought I might overdye it with madder to get a purple, but first I decided to re-mordant the skeins to be sure it took, and I threw a third skein in to mordant thinking I may as well dye some pinky yarn while I was at it.  All three have come out of the mordant cooking the exact lilac I was aiming for - nearly identical.  I can't tell which skein was fresh in the pot yesterday.  *throws up hands in surrender*
Jenna and Aoife dyed some pink and orange.  Aoife wants fingerless gloves JUST like Jenna's.
I am drinking mint tea fresh from the garden.
I have Emily Dickinson on the e-reader.
We painted watercolours in the garden.
Yesterday knocked me down and made me cry.  Today breathed its fresh blessings into me, poured its light over me, and set me on my feet.  If every step speaks its own prayer, yesterday was a deep soul cry of desperation - and today was a song on my way up the mountain to worship.

Hmm.  Life singing the Book of Psalms through me.  I like it.

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  1. How strange that the yarn should turn out all a nearly identical colour... You know I'm kinda tempted to play around with natural dyes some more... Just saying... ;)


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