13 June 2012

The Impossibility of Focus

aka a tiny fraction of the projects I am currently working on...
Oh look, I finally put buttons on some baby knitting.  Baby was due yesterday, so perhaps this will be worn soon!  And I did some Christmas knitting.
It's not much, but it was a quick knit when I couldn't decide what else to knit.  I have a long list of Christmas knitting that I'm barely starting on.
The summery cardi is ready for me to work on some sleeves.  The big shawl is making steady progress.  I'm loving the colours, and the mama whose shoulders this will warm is always in my thoughts.
I can't stick to anything much at the moment.  My head is a bit full.  A bit of this project, a bit of that, and at least I can keep my hands busy.  Really, what I need is to take a long walk in the fresh air, but alas that will have to wait until next week when I don't have a billion other things calling on my attention...


  1. What pattern is the shawl? Is it easy? Do you have a favourite? I never ever ever knit myself anything at all. And am wondering if I should be selfish and knit myself something! Oh, I lie, I knit myself a hat about 8 years ago (which I still wear). I remember those cold shoulders and nursing forever every day so maybe a shawl might be nice.......

    1. It's Faraway So Close by Carina Spencer and it is rather a favourite. In October it sells in aid of baby loss charities. Shawls take a bit of patience towards the end but they are wonderful mindless knitting in late pregnancy! :)

  2. Oh sweet mama, your hands make such beautiful things. I am so so loving the colours of the shawl x

  3. Blimey, Christmas knitting hasn't even crossed my mind yet.

    Some lovely colours going on here x

    1. Thankyou! Haha well I'm done buying presents already, birthdays and Christmas, I'm not so much organised as perpetually broke. ;)

  4. Do you know - Carina and I have been friends now since we both birthed our first-borns! We started out at the same time on one of the first AP/natural parenting forums called Mango Mama (the woman on the front of Hygeia Halfmoon's book). Then when that site collapsed, we moved to another, and then a third. Now the same bunch of women keep in contact on a FB group. I totally remember when she was teaching herself to knit and struggling over some Christmas tree decorations. Anyway, she is a great woman in many ways, I have knit several of her patterns but not the shawl :) Just thought it was a coincidence, but the internet world is a small one in any case :)



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