14 September 2011


This was Jenna last night, arm in arm with her friend Aoife. They were both absolutely luminous. Glowing, bubbling over with joy. Two friends who truly compliment each other's personalities, who reflect each other's glory. Jenna is just a little more thoughtful around Aoife, Aoife just a little more courageous around Jenna. They are such a pair!
I was taking Jenna to see A Midsummer Night's Dream in a local Village, an open air production (and unbelievable ticket prices, £7 for me and free for children!!) but Aoife and Jenna did *not* want to be parted after their playdate in the afternoon... So I took them both.

And I'm so glad I did. They both beamed ear to ear through the whole thing. (I think my favourite moment was when Jenna bent close to Aoife and whispered excitedly, "Oh, I get it, she should be with him and she should be with him, but the wrong one got the love potion!" - Or maybe it was the moment Aoife gave Jenna her coat, because Jenna's coat was thinner and she had started shivering on the damp grass? SO SWEET!)

The production was magical. The company has set it in the 1920s, with awesome costumes, some very very funny jazz dance, and fabulous music. The garden was hung with lanterns. And it was VERY energetic - Puck leapt over a few flower beds, and sat in the audience a fair few times! The girls were very keen on Puck! Right at the end the cast moved the audience down into a courtyard for the finale, and Puck appeared sat right on the rooftops to give half of his closing speach. Pure magic.

Jenna was crying when it ended, she was so overwhelmed with the entire evening. She rushed to thank the cast, and was so determined to speak to them she walked right into the house they were staying in (the grounds of which was where the production took place). Aoife wasn't sure whether to follow, but the cast all stopped and chatted to this delighted glowing enthusiastic seven year old, and Aoife was soon drawn in. The conversation they had with the cast was just too sweet, I wonder whether those five actors know that their welcome and gentleness has so inspired my daughter she can talk of little else today.

And we so nearly didn't get in, they has just closed the doors when we got there but a sister of one of the cast heard us at the gate and let us through - to sit right on the grass stage area where the poor actors nearly tripped over us several times! Every single person involved with the production was so so kind and generous-hearted. They created pure magic for us last night.

I think they might have a prospective cast member in a few years, if pure determination and seven year old passion are indications! My Jenna, she is still shining.


  1. How lovely - I still remember a similar MSND in a local theatre with my middle 2 - it was completely magical too, as were the cast. i can still feel the glow to this day. So wonderful for Jenna - and you. xxx

  2. Wonderful, outdoor events add a magical element to theatre.
    Making memorable moments in childhood is magical x

  3. Open air theater is amazing, it turns into something far more magical. So glad you all enjoyed it. I am always so amazed on how busy you are, quiet inspirational. x x x

  4. That brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful night for you all. xx

  5. What beautiful girls, and what a magical evening! <3

  6. so lucky you are to be able to see that in open air! magical, i'm sure. my absolute fav of shakespeare's.

  7. I love to feel the magic every time I go to a play.... Enjoy your glowing Jenna!

  8. We do feel so lucky! We were quite sure, on the way, that we wouldn't get tickets. Oh my precious Jenna, and her lovely friend, I was so proud to be there with such wonderful children. :)


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