1 September 2011


Treasures from Somerset and Dorset.
Utter total chaos (but hey, holiday washing caught up with already)!
And my favourite favourite places right here. :)
Morgan's beloved Baby returned home from his own little adventure too - he got left in a tiny visitor centre on the coast at Charmouth. The volunteers kindly posted him home to us! And sweet lovely Amber sent Minnow this teeny vest I had so admired from another Etsy shop!
Holiday pictures at some point soon when I've gone through them all. Oh such a lovely break and so many memories... :)


  1. Yay! You got it! When i saw your comment that you really wanted it, I had to buy it for the little one :) So happy for you!

  2. Hehe! The grand adventurer returns, in one piece! And I can't believe that Rowan is only just starting to fit into that cardigan, it feels like forever ago that I made it, and by the looks of it, it's really roomy, with those sleeves turned up ooodles! I really have no concept of little people sizes!

  3. Amber you are so naughty! It was a lovely surprise (in true pregnant fashion, I cried) lol. :)

    Ashleigh I know, isn't it funny how sizes come out? Roo is a tiny one. Love that cardi on her anyhow.

  4. Wish we had known you were in Dorset - would have been lovely to have caught up!


  5. I looked you up on the Satnav and assumed it would be a bit far for half a day - that last beach was the closest we got to you. :( We were staying in Yeovil. xxx


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