28 September 2011

Everyday Ramblings

Today has been one of those days when most of my plans go out of the window. When we are really all so contentedly dancing to our own rhythm it doesn't matter that there doesn't seem to be a coherant pattern.

See, this is where I *really* don't look like Waldorf - these days just don't worry me at all. Hey kids, we're going to gather for circle now! No thanks mum, we're going to play shops and dress up as flamenco dancers. OK kids, as you were. (Rowan always obliges by coming and singing with me, anyhow!)

Today also really didn't look like homeschool. Nobody deliberately set out to do a craft or a learning activity. No books were out at any point except for Glitter Kitty (sigh!), Where is That Cat, my NKJ Bible, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and a Star Wars graphic novel. Certainly no text books or lesson plans or worksheets in sight.

Morgan did some watercolour and salt painting in her journal. I did watercolours and oil pastels in mine. Jenna made a camp in the back garden. I hung laundry on the line, and sat in the shade of my willow tree a while, and made apple sauce (turning half of it into Stollen). All three girls played in the sand pit. Jenna fell off the top of the swing frame and hurt her head.

I spent about an hour just mucking about on Pinterest. I nursed Rowan twice. Morgan and Rowan fell out over a cracker and had to be physically separated before Morgan broke Rowan's ribs (girls can be vicious). I looked up how to braid round challah on youtube and the girls all came and watched several sets of instructions and then the entertainment of watching mama try to get it right.

Martin and I drank about a zillion cups of tea. Emma and Connor got clay out and my children joined in. Rowan and Connor decided that the shells were money and set up a shop with the till again. Jenna and Morgan watched Finding Nemo. Emma started crocheting a shrug. I made chutney. Connor wore Morgan's discarded dress for quite some time even though it tripped him up a bit.

To me, sometimes, this looks like doing nothing. Right now, with the afternoon shadows on the wall and the laundry dry and away and the wonderful smell of baking fresh from the oven, it feels just heavenly. :)


  1. ohhh that doesn't sound like nothing to me!! That sounds like some Unschooling and lots of living!! Good for you! xx

  2. by the way... don't supose you fancy sharing your pintrest usename do you? i need more like minded people to follow lol!!

  3. Thankyou! http://pinterest.com/arwentiw/ I'm easy to find, being as how I'm the same everywhere give or take a bit of punctuation! :)

  4. It looks like nothing maybe but sounds really wonderful.

  5. fabby! found you! now i'm spending lots of time on Pintrest looking at all your pins!!


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