14 September 2011

Seventh Moon

I am feeling SO GOOD right now. When did this happen? Where did it come from? How long will it last? I have never had this energy rush and warm fuzzy pregnant glowing feeling before. We're going to have a BABY! :) :) :)
Bump is small and neat, I'm so tall I hide them well ;) and I get a lot of shocked expressions when people ask when I'm due and they do the mental calculation - woah, December isn't that long, where's all the baby? Answer: head down already, neatly tucked right down in my pelvis, feet up by my ribs, and usually body turned to my right hand side. :)
Somehow all those previous babies have given me the experience to know right where baby is this time. It took a lot to work it out even last time with Rowan. This time, I just know.

The lists of names are still driving me crazy. I think I may have run out of girl names. *blushes* Or maybe this baby has another idea I just haven't been able to listen for yet? Either way, I'm feeling a bit insecure about naming this baby. A boy's name just "chose itself" months ago: maybe that means we're having a boy? Or maybe it just means we have another contrary girl. ;) Morgan named herself, after all, a name I didn't even like at the time - and Rowan, I just KNEW at twenty weeks and nothing would shake me from it - even Jenna, I changed my mind in labour and was frantic in case hubby didn't agree! (He would have agreed to anything at that point lol.)

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty amazing. Contented, even. Oh baby mine, baby mine, you are yourself already and defying my every expectation!


  1. Beautiful bump Mama! I do know what you mean about running out of girls names though! xxx

  2. what a lovely bump and long may the healthy glow continue!!


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