17 September 2011

Mama's Handbag

Well I guess it is an old truism that you can find out a lot about a woman by the contents of her handbag! What do you think my bag says about me? ;)
- knitting pattern, shopping list
- two library leaflets for events, toddler rhyme book, two foraging books
- leather booties, two pairs of children's sunglasses
- knitting project (Morgan's winter hat)
- first aid kit: essential oils, home made arnica balm, homeopathic remedy, lipbalm
- a discarded child's bracelet
- a scarf
- art journal, gratitude journal, neocolours
- (children's journals are often in here too but they all used them this morning)
- oat crackers
- children's sunhats, Roo's warm hat
- keys, fire steel, scissors, safety pins
- pack-down shopping bag and a couple of produce bags
- phone, brolly, wallet
- hairbrush, bobble, rosewater spray
- full outfits for two youngest and clean socks for eldest
- arm/leg warmers x2 pairs, gloves x3 pairs
- Morgan's stripy cardi (the others both wore theirs this morning)

What goes with you on your travels? Do you pack light or go prepared? Are you carrying clothes for more than one season right now? :)


  1. I'm impressed - spacious bag!
    I switch between two bags - backpack style, one small and one large depending on what I want to take out.
    Always in the bag are:
    knitting patterns
    wool and a current WIP (currently play crowns and birthday bits)
    journals and various drawing media and pens
    The same Mabey pocket book and occasionally other nature books
    cloth bags
    childs sunglasses
    arnica cream and lip balm
    keys, phone, purse
    lefthanded scissors (as they don't always have them when we go to places you may need them)
    Collections of nature things - currently conkers, acorns and hats, Guinea fowl feather
    Child hat sometimes

    I don't tend to take out spare clothing too much, the weather doesn't change dramatically at the moment but may end up with something if a layer comes off. If I do need clothes the bigger bag comes with me.

    I guess I go prepared x

  2. Lol that sounds so like my bag contents! I realised after I took everything out that I usually also have at least one biro, and stacks more bits of paper (receipts for about two months lol) and collected nature junk. It would have been a more honest picture if I hadn't cleaned it out when we got back from holiday a couple of weeks ago haha.

  3. Haha! Can you guess what I do? I carry a small handbag for out and about, but day to day work bag, I carry a second larger bag.

    My everyday contains:
    Iphone and earphones
    Some receipts and bus tickets
    2 biros
    A scrap of paper with the details of the last train back to Yeovil!
    A bus time table
    Two tubs of vasaline, one home tinted
    A tiny tube of extra concentrated hand cream
    A narly looking packet of tissues
    Chewing gum
    Used cinema tickets
    Hair brush and hair band
    Sample size mascara (always running late for bus, frequently end up mascara-ing at work!)
    And some very persistant grains of sand!!

    My "work bag" currently contains
    Wool and two sets of circ needles, as I am tension swatching
    A stethoscope
    Local antibiotic guidelines
    A syphgnomometer
    ID badge
    A now battered looking blank prescription
    My name stamp
    Reusable shopping bag
    List of books at both work locations (My weekend contribution is to update it!)

    It also often contains:
    thermometer and covers
    pulse oximeter
    Pen torch
    gloves and ky-jelly
    knitting patterns (although usually keep these on my iphone so I don't waste paper)
    tapestry needles
    Oxford handbook of clinical specialities
    And a cuddly toy (no, not really, but reading your list, my brain kept on shouting it out!!)

    Ahhh... the life of a junior "semi-rural" GP who's a fibre addict! Just a little different to your bag! But fairly prepared non-the-less!

  4. Gasp! How do you manage to fit it all in?

    We have two bags, one with spare snacks nappies etc if we are out for more than the school run or just my handbag which has a hair brush (never use it) bus time table and bus pass. cheese and cereal bars for snacks at the bus stop. (We have to catch a bus to Joe' school) That is on a good day, most days I don't even bother having one.

  5. Lol lol Ashleigh love it.

    Nutshell House: I don't fit it all in so much as it gets shoved down and the velro tab just about meets most of the time. ;) It isn't *at all* organised in the bag, I have to rummage. :)

  6. Just popped back to peek again. Fun to see what is in our bags.
    I love how Ashleigh has wool at the top of her list for her work bag lol!

    Yeah, I forgot all the bits of paper that come and go, and hair slides and bunches.
    Today mine also has a drop sindle in it to keep me occupied at a birthday party later ;-)

  7. well, of course!!! I have my priorities! I spend over an hour on buses everyday, and if you read my blog (http://onbeingamedicalstudent.blogspot.com/2011/09/grand-christmas-challenge-2011.html), you'll see I need every spare moment I can get my hands on! I'm often tempted to take a spindle too... but I'm always a little worried it'll run away across the floor of the bus!

  8. Bag contents (and said bag is large enough to house at least a medium horse!):

    2 pens
    1 general doodles notepad
    1 mobile phone (never charged!)
    felt make-up bag
    random felted pumpkin (!)
    knitting plus spare skein
    pattern book
    dread comb
    spare earrings
    small collection of fabric beads
    knitted hat
    small child hat 1 & 2
    spare nappy
    pot of homemade bot balm
    Lush solid scent (Karma)
    'The Historian'
    iPod (also never charged...)
    iPod car charger (mocking me)
    beady bookmark (not actually *in* book, of course...)
    random assortment of acorns, rosehips and leaves collected by eldest daughter
    small furry animal brought out for treat by same daughter

    :) I don't think I can claim to be travelling light!

  9. I have just *completely* downsized: J is 21 months and I am determined to travel light. So my lovely shiny new posh bag only contains: purse (am glad one doesn't have to reveal the contents of one's purse, however); kirby grips; emery board; phone; 2 fold-up shopping bags; pencil; hair bobble; small round stone (?!?); reward card thing for M&S greetings cards; hand cream; hand sanitising gel stuff; door hook (?); plasters and antiseptic wipes. I have a small monkeyfoot bag that takes ONE nappy and some wipes, which I can squeeze into a side pocket if we are going out for more than a couple of hours. My diary will just fit in. Yay me!

  10. Hmm. And writing that list has made me realise that somebody has half-inched my red work pen, which is supposed to live in there too :)

  11. Ohh downsizing... Actually I'm not sure I could downsize much even when I'm done carrying nappies and changes of clothes lol...

    My list made me realise how infrequently I go through my bag and renew the contents lol. Those pink trousers don't even FIT Rowan now!

  12. Well obviously if I am leaving the house for more than, say, half an hour...or if I have one of the big girls with me...I have to carry either another bag or take the car and fill the passenger seat with "essentials"! (So much for my smugness)


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