23 September 2011


We're doing Michaelmas a little early this year, so that it's out of the way before we begin to prepare for the High Holy Days beginning next week. Added bonus, it means I get to share things in advance of the actual day for those of you who might want to borrow some ideas. ;) Here's last year's Michaelmas Post.

(Jenna has told me today that she thinks the dragon she is fighting right now is when she gets cross with her sisters and does unkind things to make them sad.)
This year, the day before Michaelmas, there will be a lantern parade in a nearby village, so the girls are each making a lantern (by the same papier mache method as last year) to hang a torch inside for the parade. I'm hoping to find my leaf skeletons from last year to put in the last layer of paper. :)
We ran out of glue, so I made my own. Flour and sugar (3:1), water to make a paste, and a large dash each of salt and vinegar in the hopes of keeping it from moulding, cooked in a pan.

Dragon bread is being made for Connor's birthday tomorrow. So I'll be back to add a picture of that. :) And anything else I've forgotten!

Edited with: Yes, this was the best picture I got of all three girls with their lanterns! Never mind, eh? We hung tiny torches inside them, and they glowed beautifully. And the dragon bread didn't end up happening at all this year, but I suppose we can't have it all. Instead, my lovely brother gave us money to have Chinese for Connor's birthday tea! Well, I can't really complain about that, can I?

Also edited to add: if you do Waldorf watercolour paintings (or would like to) you may like this Michaelmas watercolour I found recently. :) http://bobbinsandbrambles.blogspot.com/2010/09/michaelmas-watercolordragon-painting.html

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  1. We started our Michaelmas activities this week as well. we have been playing with Dragons, learning about the story of St Michael. Next week is lanterns and Dragon bread! we loved making that last year. My sister has cut a lovely Dragon from wood for me today and the children will sand it down next week ready for painting! I love Michaelmas!


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