26 September 2011

Autumn Colour

Lots of Autumny crafting to share, and generally me loving Autumn and Autumny things. :) I hear it's meant to be another year for early snow, so I'm getting in LOTS of this lovely season in a short space of time just in case!
Acorn cup floating candles. We stood the caps in modelling clay to keep them upright. Pouring was a bit tricky, not one for tinies especially with such small acorn caps! We want to find some bigger ones for next time.
Leafy garland, easy sewing in lovely colours. So effective for such little work.
Autumn coloured giant window star, made by Jenna and I one afternoon.
Bread, sitting in the sun, in the rainbow light from a crystal hung in my kitchen window.DSC02652
More of Jenna's handwork, a broach she made for a friend. So sweet! Isn't her stitching neat now?
Night time walks, wrapped up warm, "look, snails!"
Damson and apple jelly. Mmmm...
A bit on the giant side, because neither of us are very experienced needle felters, but yet more Jenna handwork - the orange acorn. I couldn't find any brown wool, and she got tired of it after a while, so it will probably be one to come back to if we want it smaller and more tightly felted!
Wax dipped leaves, made with Aoife after school one day.
More leaves, a stitched journal, sent for the mama love swap.
Acorn collecting on the park.
We have had such an odd couple of weeks. I'm still feeling really well, and not so panicky-rushed, but gosh I do sometimes wonder if I will ever get to that lull, some kind of steady place where I can catch my breath! I'm burying myself in crafting, keeping up with the children where possible, and taking as much time for journalling and locking myself in the bathroom as I dare. In some ways, that side of things is only going to get worse - for the best of reasons - as Martin finally has a job. :)


  1. I love the wax dipped leaves they look lovely. Is it just as simple as covering them in wax?

  2. Yes, we just used pure beeswax melted in a pan but I think any wax would work. We held them by the stems and pressed them flat to the bottom of the pan, turning them over to coat both sides (take the pan off the heat a moment first). It preserves the colours and stops them drying and shrivelling (don't know how long for, yet, but it's still nicer than laminating them)! :)

  3. Great news about Martin's job! Hope all goes well for him. I was going to ask about the waxed leaves, but no need now, thank you!

  4. Great news on the job front! very happy for you all. Great Autumn activities. I keep meaning to learn to make one of the window stars! oh and the wax leaves! thanks for sharing! xx

  5. Thank you that sounds simple can't wait to have a go now, just need to find some leaves.

  6. man i wish i had a lock on my bathroom! and my bedroom! the kids broke them all! love that dress your older one is wearing. did u make it?

  7. wonderful news Martin
    please can I come live at your house and join in the fun x

  8. Oooh congrats Martin!

    Lots of lovely crafting there. Yes I heard we might have early snow, even earlier - not entirely sure how they know these things, as they have trouble predicting the weather 5 days in advance, never mind a month or so... still, I must get on with winter warmies... it's been rather warm down here the past few days and hooking warmies has kinda gone by the by.

    Oooh and I love the journal!

  9. Freedom Three, yes, I knitted her dress from the wool she dyed with koolaid. :) Very proud of that, my first lace and everything lol.

    Joxy, the felt is the Myriad Autumn scrap selection, and the journal is a Moleskine plain cahier (large): I punched holes with a needle first to make sure I'd get through the thick card easily!

    Denise, you know how welcome you would be any time at all my lovely. I can't promise a spare bed right now though lol!


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