2 July 2011

So, yes, I know...

It has been a while. I have a goodly number of great excuses. Our computer has died a death and we have managed to talk ourselves into a free laptop (phew) which can't yet be persuaded to talk to our camera (boo) but is now consenting to run internet and many other useful things including music (which I have missed SO MUCH)...

I will overload you with photos as soon as the correct connecty cabley thing can be located. Or borrowed.

And yes, I am sounding better. Perky even. This is because of the last four days, I have only been sick *all* day for ONE day, and two days I was actually not physically sick once. Well, I am nearly halfway to due with this bean, so you could say I was overdue a good day or two - or you could see that my usual experience of pregnancy is that sickness lasts about thirty weeks and celebrate with me that I seem to be doing better so much sooner than usual. :)

All this feeling-good-ness has led to a spurt of early nesting. Oh dear oh dear. I have turned the house utterly upside down this week. I've had everything out of the attic, and resorted clothes into boxes with all the correct size. I've rearranged furniture (with help) and found storage baskets, and put away about a ton of washing. I didn't realise quite how many clothes the children have when everything is actually away. As a result of this, the local charity shop has had five FULL boxes of really nice clothes from us. The lady behind the counter nearly cried. I'm not sure if it was gratitude or sheer exhaustion at the thought of trying to get it all on hangers.

There is a basket in my bedroom containing newborn sized socks and knitted booties. The sight of it does something funny to my brain. I think baby socks are just *too* tiny and lovely, and handknitted ones doubley so. I don't think I have ever felt so maternal towards my bumps at this stage, though I'm not sure I've had one that has been quite so kicky.

Martin has another interview on Monday, this will be his fifth so far. The benefits/money thing is scary, this is the least money we have ever lived on, but somehow I manage to forget about it an awful lot and just be glad glad glad of everything we have. Life is pretty good, in all.


  1. Fingers crossed the interview is successful for Martin.

    Oooh and so lovely to "hear" from you, really glad you've had some respite from the sickness too! :-)

    Looking forward to photos!

  2. So glad to hear from you! I loved that nesting feeling, going through everything and organizing things a million times months before it's needed!! Hope you guys hear good news for Martin's job--you have a good outlook on everything, keep focusing on the good things in your life :)

  3. oh yes tiny baby socks, so cute!
    Hope the job interview goes well, we live on a student grant at the moment, so I know how you feel.

  4. Oh Sarah, you are one special gal!!

    So glad to hear that you've had welcome respite from the sickness and so amazing that, you are counting your blessings in difficult financial circumstances. A prayer for Martin for Monday.

    I've missed you all, looking forward to a picture fest of the kids.

    With love and prayers

    San and all xx

  5. I can't wait to see all your lovely photos and hear what you've all been up to. Glad you're feeling more human...and hoping Martin gets the 'yes' you both want.

  6. So glad you are feeling better - long may it continue. Positive vibes being sent to Martin. xx

  7. Lovely to see you around again, even if I did "know" you were coming back. Glad things are good for you, and hope you get some good news about Martin's job.


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