29 July 2011


Soo... Recognise this place? (I honestly barely do, I walk in and think "wow" every time!)
The toy shelves have even been tidied up a bit more since this picture. Pretty, isn't it? :)

This is how I moved around this side of the room...
And this is the other side, huge second hand chair with the home-ed shelves behind, I love this room how it is now. Bonus to all the cleaning, the way around everything is means no shifting furniture to make space for the birth pool!
The boiler is going to be replaced (one of those times I'm really glad we're tenants!) and some of the radiators are being done at the same time - next week in fact - and that feels like one more little bit of the puzzle because it means we'll actually have hot water on demand for the first time ever. Could this be our first home birth without poor hubby boiling pans of water on the stove?!

The spare room is another one of the finished spaces. The girl's tiny room is lovely but hard to take pictures of since there is almost zero space in there (don't ask me why all three like to sleep together in the smallest space in the house)! And our room is also done - except for the neverending laundry which I am STILL sorting.
Oh, also, baby knitting in in full swing. Not all knitting for my baby - but this hat is. :)
Martin had two interviews yesterday and one promised to phone him by lunch time today. Nothing yet. Please keep us in your prayers, this has been such a hard confusing time for him and I am feeling so anxious about how things might be come winter-time.

To do list for today: encourage children (five of them today) into garden for as long as possible, finish sorting laundry, clean top of wardrobe in my room, knit some more, reorganise toy shelves, persuade hubby to clean kitchen floor for me, provide about a billion snacks to aformentioned pack of wild children!


  1. Blimey, I bet your sleeping well at night with all this activity going on. It's looking really good, you should be very proud of your self.

  2. Wow, that's impressive :) I just loved the nesting feeling, I got so much done! I would say you've inspired me to clean my house but it's so sticky and humid here that I sweat just sitting here. Not much chance of me moving around furniture today, lol!

    Good luck to Martin, fingers crossed.

  3. All your hard work has truly paid off, it looks so peaceful, just the right place to birth.

    I hope and pray Martin gets another job soon, yet despite your difficulties you are a living witness of God's good providence and as an onlooker I find that a humbling lesson.

    With love and prayers to you all

    San and co xx

  4. Wow, your home looks amazing! You have created such a special space xxxx

  5. Wow looks so good, and so homely. Want to come over give us a hand ;) Although I'm guessing that lot has left you longing for sleep!
    Keeping you all in our thoughts and hoping Martin gets some good news soon.


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