11 July 2011


I haven't had much urge to take bump pictures yet... Baby is getting heavy and tight now, that halfway stage where subconciously the stomach muscles are still trying to assert some control and the end of the day is achey with awareness of how much bigger baby feels each week.
I'm still also having good days and not so much days. Last week I was super-emotional and got teary about everything, all the kind people who sent food or brought food over or thought to ask what they could bring us, or offered help with something concrete, or just listened to big feelings as they came up and needed processing. Yay for friends. I'm having more days of feeling less sick though.

On one of the not so great days we did tie dye in the kitchen and stained my worktops and our hands and the children's feet and an old towel. Yes, in the bump picture, that is one of our makes. :) I'm starting to feel like I want to get down to making things for bump. I still can't decide what to start first, oh my poor brain, but I actually might get around to it eventually anyway.
And Rowan has stopped nursing to sleep, which practically means she has stopped doing bedtimes at all and is ridiculously perky at 11pm. We're attempting to take her up for chill-out time at silly-early-7pm tonight in the hopes of resetting her body clock some. Fingers crossed for that, eh?

Time is going by in its usual way. :)


  1. Gorgeous bump picture, you're looking terribly thin though, hope you are having a better day sickness wise today.

    Will say a prayer for Rowan settling at night, you and Martin could do with some downtime of an evening.

    Hugs San xx

  2. Thanks lovie, yes today has been pretty easy again. :) I'm definitely hearing from my body when I overdo things lol.

    Honestly I think this is the first pregnancy where I haven't lost weight overall, I'm still pretty well padded, but goodness the milk drying up has made a difference in the bra department..! :S

    Prayers appreciated, I'm really hopeful that we might manage to get to bed a bit earlier without stressing everyone out trying to get there!

  3. Hoping Rowan is now asleep. :-)

    And gosh, lovely bump :-)
    glad you're have less days of feeling sick too.


  4. Well Rowan went to sleep at 9pm with some protest, but unfortunately woke at 4am this morning and spent a couple of hours climbing on me, kicking, and nursing, until Martin got up with her. Drat. Sooo tired!!

  5. oh i feel for you! both mine stoppedfalling asleep on the breast so early! 2 nights ago was the first time EVER indigo woke up and went back to sleep without a breastfeed. it was miraculous to me! ah the things that make us happy! meanwhile in 5 years we'll miss these days. your bump looks beautiful! xo m.

  6. Oh Sarah look at that beautiful bump. I love the top and cardi too; I'm a big fan of purple!! You're looking well (can't see your face but i'm sure you're looking good there too) xx

    hope Rowans sleep gets sorted soon!


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