13 July 2011

Quick post!

So, Rowan's sleep is getting crazier and crazier since the terribly late nights and then that first "earlier" night and 4am waking. We decided last night that we'd rather just let her drop where she drops than fight her over bedtime, no matter how tired we are, but she still went to sleep much earlier (and got up at 4am this morning again). Yesterday and today she has been so cranky and miserable, and has fallen into deep sleep around lunchtime which lasted nearly three hours. And she was BESIDES HERSELF when we tried to wake her from those naps.

So with all the craziness, and comparing notes with other mamas, we've re-eliminated dairy with her on the off chance that all the wierd sleeping and lack of sleeping and sudden downturn in her eczema symptoms is a gradual build-up in her system. I can face being long-term dairy-free MUCH more easily than I can face so little sleep and such an oppositional unhappy toddler! I don't know, I mean my mama instincts aren't telling me anything much, and it could "just" be a cold or well anything really, but the one thing I can do right now that definitely *won't* hurt her in any way is cutting out the cow milk.

In other news, I have had another two good days (though exhausted isn't the word!) and rather than getting on with house work I have been resolutely enjoying Doing Stuff with the children. I have been putting off too many of the projects and other stuff they suggest, understandably but very frustratingly for all of us. So this week we're busy being together and enjoying our time. :)

Now if only I knew what was going on with Rowan... ;)


  1. I feel for you & your family when it comes to crazy sleep ... it's tough. I actually just wrote a post 2 days ago about where we were at with my little guy & sleep. We've had a long journey with him and sleep. I hope things get better sooner rather then later for you all.
    Much Peace

  2. If we had answers for everything we'd be very rich wouldn't we?! Benedict's having total diabetic meltdowns and crazy hypos and Pip has had several toilet accidents these past days despite training herself after Christmas. Am wondering what's going on with her too... and as for exhaustion am totally with you on that one Mama!!

    Well done for remaining sane and woohoo another few good days for you.

    Big hugs San xx

  3. Hugs - we are having Summer sleep syndrome too. Hope you are having more good days. xxx


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