20 July 2011

Very nearly nothing to say!

Another really normal week pretty much.
Some hormonal tears over not-very-much. Lots more energy now that Rowan is sleeping at night again. The discovery of Yeo Valley icecream, which helped with the hormones in the short term. ;) And more bump pictures.
It all seems so important at the time, and reporting it back feels flat and strange today. Our life is getting some rhythm back, and I'm feeling pretty normal, and the children are thriving and healthful and beautiful. Even Martin (still job hunting) is less stressed and more contented.
Today was the first time I've been to the sling meet in ages and ages, and it was lovely and easy and comfortable. Then we grabbed pitta and dip and olives in the wholefoods store, a load of cartons of juice, and some nice crisps. We sat and ate our picnic in the middle of town, and shared some with a stranger too. Rowan chased pigeons and I chased Rowan, and we debated what she'd actually do if she ever caught one.

We went swimming too. Rowan's lips turned blue. Morgan took f.o.r.e.v.e.r to get dressed, until I got sick of the sound of my own voice and put her shoes and socks on for her myself. I gave the locker money to the girls to spend in the vending machines (something I don't think any of them have *ever* been allowed to do before) and they chose fairtrade chocolate - and coca cola! "Because I was helpful!" said Morgan when I gave her the coin. "Well," I said, "NOT helpful exactly, but I do love you!"

Well, that's my life this week. As I say, wonderfully blissfully normal. And filled with people and life and randomness and colour. :)


  1. Looking good, mama!!

    I had to laugh b/c I am the same way with Ingrid getting her clothes on--I get sick of hearing myself! I swear I would still dress her every day just to get out the door at a reasonable time! Independence is SLOW.

  2. i need to make some sort of sling for my girls to carry their babies in. very cute! sounds like a great simple week.

  3. The girls are wearing my scarves as wraps in the top picture - rucksack carry. :)

    Morgan is such a dreamer, she really *can't* just get on and do it herself, and oh the nagging to get her ready to go out - every time! She is certainly a one of a kind child lol. I think I'll still be reminding her that she needs shoes when she's eight. (She isn't far off five already!)


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