22 July 2011

Some knitting and homely stuff

I finally stopped complaining that I couldn't decide what to do, and picked up some knitting again. I finished this pixie hat for Minnow already, it was a quick easy knit, I just didn't get around to taking a picture of the finished article yet.
As you can see, it forced me to actually do some ribbing (which I usually mess up). I also finally put buttons on another cardi for Rowan. Although she managed to pull one of the buttons off again by the end of the day, which will teach me to do such things in a rush before going out!
Crazy nesting is still happening. A broken chair has been finally thrown out after many many attempts to mend it enough to stop it collapsing. We will even have the money to replace it, since an accountant from a local church helped us find that our benefits have been hugely underpaid and we are owed a backpayment now!

The computer desk is the next thing that needs dealing with, it is such a junk-hoarding area for me, with all my craft things. I also got a load more laundry done. The chaos in this house is neverending!
Our electrics shorted out several times yesterday, distressingly, and we were convinced that it was happening every time we plugged the laptop in to charge. *PLEASE* let it not be the laptop! Anyhow, we discovered in the evening that Connor had poured a cup of mint tea into the charger cable, which has now dried out just fine! *phew*


  1. Glad to see your nesting in full swing! I love your posts so full of positivity

  2. You know what they say, "If you want to eat an elephant one bite at a time!!" Little by little you'll get there.

    A parcel is on its way to you as I write, hope you have a happy weekend.

    Hugs San xx

  3. Lovely to see you knitting again, loving the colours x

  4. I'm not feeling terribly positive just now, more sick today than the rest of the week put together, and the nesting is a little overwhelming!

    The yarn is all my hand-dye, an organic rainbow aran, and a lovely dk with such fab blues and purples, I'm so pleased how they both worked up. :)

    San, your parcel just arrived, and a couple of the tops are just perfect! The shirt is a little small, but I shall pass that one on. I'm sitting here wearing the purple wrap top with vines, it's just *perfect* for me!

  5. Aw, so pleased the parcel arrived!!!

    Will keep you in prayers that the sickness will ease and that you won't feel soo overwhelmed ...remember you're doing a great work!!

    Hugs to you dear friend xx

  6. So pleased that you have your benefits sorted and you are due back payment. Sorry you're sickey again. Hope that improves soon. H x

  7. They were underpaying us by almost £40 per week, and we never would have known it. What a relief to know that things will be a bit easier from now. :)

  8. Oh, great news that you have sorted your benefits out! That money will make a great difference, won't it?
    And *major* knitting envy from me!! I love looking at your knitted stuff-all your littleys always look gorgeous :) xx

  9. Gosh, that is a relief to have the money situation eased a little, I'm sure it will go to good use, and it has come at a really good time. Yay for replacing chairs!

  10. And if the chair isn't too expensive, there might just be yarn money too hehehe...

  11. Ha! I'm not really going to add more to that... it might be construed as leading you astray!

    P.S. I tried leaving this comment before, but I think the internet had a brainfreeze and said no, so I apologize if this comment is now repeatitive.


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