4 July 2011

Beautiful Ordinary

Miraculous beauty from the barren earth - the council removed the decking next door before our new neighbours moved in, and the garden has been so bare - until the poppies sprung up triumphant, dormant for years under the decking. It is the most simply breathtaking view over the fence now.
Abundant summer blessings, more, always more, than we could ever need.
Sweet baby play. And the promises of future blessing.
These have grown so much since taking this picture! Lettuce and fat hen and spring onions being harvested already, more peas (yay) and leeks and broccoli to come before too long...
Bright Summer Season Table.
The gorgeous daily chaos of children and toys and a host of other mess. Just perfect.
Baby things, waiting.
And knitted joy from friends.
Lastly, I am SO BLESSED to have this beautiful piece of history in my home, currently in constant use as a play house (but really, mine...) - a proper wooden clothes horse.
How can it be, this grace, that at a time we should be so struggling, we are thriving, and blessed by a thousand gifts we never looked or hoped for? :)

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  1. It's the old adage, "what goes around comes around!", The blessings return to you ten fold... a prayer for Martin today.

    Hugs to you mama

    San xx


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