3 July 2011

The Updatey Post

So, let's see... We went to Drayton Manor (for free) because there was some funding left through Dad group, which some of the volunteers got permission to use until it runs out. The children all really truly loved it, but it felt a bit flat to me going back as a grown up (and one who isn't too keen on busy noisy bright commercial spaces - and doesn't do queues). The best part of my entire day was seeing rabbits in the embankment when I took Rowan on a train ride.
Jenna was fearless. And tall enough to go on all the BIG rides. Scary! This is my little tiny daughter, UPSIDE DOWN, on a ride that a crowd of 15-16 year olds were too scared to go on. I remember going on this particular ride 17 times in one day as a young teen, funny how perspective shifts in ten years eh?
Father's Day Card by Jenna. :)
Solstice celebrations, and the first meal I remember really enjoying in a long while, I could have eaten a ton of those fresh peas (and I think I very nearly did)!
Home made blackberry leather, dipped in dark chocolate. Heavenly!
A walk around a local reservoir.
We found lots and lots of tiny frogs, this one needed rescuing from in the car park toilets and returning to the waterside!
Lovely summery days. And - last but not least - evidence of the dramatic clothes-putting-away activity of this week!


  1. how long will it remain like that?!!!!

    You'll have to put the wardrobe under lock and key!

    Jenna is totally amazing and you more so for letting her have a go... Hmm, I'm a helicopter parent, oh dear, LOL!!

    Hugs San xxxx

  2. So lovely to see you all and hear that you are feeling a little better :)
    I can't believe Jenna went on that ride, I would have been way too scared!
    love to you all
    Gina xxx

  3. Lovely! Oh the frogs are so teeny tiny just now. We have to be oh so careful when we walk around here. I love love love the idea of fruit leather dipped in chocolate! xx

  4. LOL yes to putting a lock on the wardrobe, I am tempted, they do insist on using their clothes as dressing up things and it's quite disheartening after a big tidy up to find a big heap of things on the floor and not a single thing left hanging up!

    Jenna is a real adventuring spirit, I couldn't believe how brave she was - in spite of bursting into terrified tears the first time she went upside down, an hour later she was asking to go back on...

    The fruit leather was *delicious* really sour and fresh tasting. :)


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