16 June 2011

Bits of Life

The camera spends a lot of time out of action right now. I spend a lot of time out of action too. So this is almost all of my photographs from over a month of living. All the highlights, you could say, the times when we could go out, do something, feel normal. Briefly.

Fire at my mum's house, before the Green Parent weekend.
mayjune 007
mayjune 079
mayjune 006
mayjune 005
Pretty much the only crochet or knitting I have done in months.
mayjune 018
The girls found this beautiful injured moth outside the gym one evening after a class. Jenna gently put it in some bushes in the hopes that it would survive to fend for itself once off the pavement.
mayjune 043
mayjune 046
Rowan, very poorly, last week. mayjune 051
She was so hot and drowsy, and then after she woke up she was really worrying us with her shallow breathing and fluttery heart, so off we went to A&E where we were relieved to be released quite quickly once they were sure it wasn't a return of her horrendous reactions to infection. Two days later she was as if nothing had happened! :)
mayjune 060
A trip to Wollaton Hall.
mayjune 068
mayjune 061
Halfway up the hill, the skies opened, and we stood under a huge old oak as the weather raged and thundered and threw huge great lumps of hail at us!
mayjune 062
mayjune 069
mayjune 070
mayjune 072
We went to the Cheescake Shop on the way home. What can I say? I've been craving toffee apple cheesecake for ages. By the time we got home I felt too sick to eat it though, so it lasted me all week!

A lovely day (and picnic) on the local park this week with Naomi and family.
mayjune 002
mayjune 010
Children's pictures! A snake, a penguin, a butterfly, and some fairies. By Morgan of course. :)
mayjune 065
Some dragons (in progress) by Jenna. :)
mayjune 064
A fruit snack in the garden yesterday after we spent a while harvesting strawberries and blackcurrants. I have made blackcurrant fruit leather, and have a tray of the fattest currants drying now. Yum!
mayjune 011


  1. Lovely to "see" you, take care and hope the sickess lifts soon. But most of all, take care of yourself xxx

  2. I hope youre being kind to yourself and the bean youre growing. Although I've not been following long, I miss your blogs; you always seem to do so much with the children.

  3. Gorgeous pictures of you all, you might have looked a bit peaky at the meet but you are one sweet and lovely mamma!!

    Are you sick right the way through or does it abate once you enter second trimester?

    Am thinking of you, with love and cyber hugs

    San and all xxxx

  4. San yes lol, sadly this pregnancy isn't proving the exception and I'm 16 weeks and feeling just as terrible. It's hard work! I was really looking forwards to summer this year, now I'm really looking forwards to winter and giving birth (and not being sick any more). It's more likely to fade for me between 20 and 30 weeks, but I'm usually pretty sick all the way through.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone. I'm taking it easy on myself, drinking literally gallons of water with lemon (Gina, you wise wise lady!) and trying to eat...!

  5. LOL, and I just want to say I love the dress your mum is wearing too!

    Great photos hun, lovely to "catch up" with how you guys are doing :-)


  6. Lovely to see you happy! and some "normal" apearing in your life! it'll all pass soon!


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