16 June 2011

Green Parent

Promised pictures, and wonderful memories. Ohh I miss you all, I wish we were all back there, it's just so easy.
mayjune 017
My wonderful wonderful friend Ashleigh visited us, and we envied her beautiful rainbow knitting. This is her turning out her third pair of tiny rainbow baby socks for my bump. Aren't I lucky?!
mayjune 020
mayjune 014
And me just hanging out, not the most flattering picture but ah well. I think I probably looked a bit grey all weekend, but at least it was a nice friendly place to feel so sick!
mayjune 025
Bonfire and food and company, and marshmallows on sticks. I think this, for me, is the perfect Green Parent Meet photo, so lovely! Leni, you have a fabulous smile!
mayjune 027
Walking in the forest.
mayjune 050
mayjune 048
mayjune 049
mayjune 053
mayjune 054
Yes, that child DID have a haircut just before the meet. She asked Jenna to make her fringe short, and as you can see, Jenna did that just fine... :S
mayjune 056
mayjune 067
Some fantastic den building in the common room. I had to get a record of that!
mayjune 030
A smile and a half from Lici, taken by her big sister. :)
mayjune 039


  1. That looks like so much fun! I LOVE the picture of Morgan's haircut, lol! I did that to myself once as a kid on Thanksgiving morning, my mom was so embarrassed.

    I do hope you are feeling less gray soon.

  2. Great photos...and very good to see you online xxx

  3. Oooh lovely photos. Missed you hun, so hope you're feeling a wee bit better.


  4. Great photos. I really want to go to one of these, but... I'm shy :(

  5. I am sad we couldn't come to the meet in the end. Ezra gets car sick we discovered and it was just too far as we had a couple of other trips round the same time. Hope to see you again one day though. Looks like you had a great time. x


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