10 June 2013

Weekending: Wollaton


We have weekends at the weekend now. The strangeness of a new routine again, and figuring out how we organise our days. Old rhythms creep back, a kind of normal reasserts itself. We spend weekends exploring, together as a family (and of course, these days, frequently ferrying Jenna to and from rehearsals for another show).


The summer heat has changed to breezy fresh days again, sun and shadows, blue skies and grey. It's good for me to be getting so much time outside. I so easily forget that the cure for most of our bad days is simply to take our lives into the garden.


It's going to be a while til Martin gets his first pay packet, but perhaps that too is good for us. Right when I have to choose between making life easier by throwing money at it until everything settles down, or working on creating a positive atmosphere at home and setting everything up to be simple and frugal day to day, there is no money to throw at it.

I am left with changing how I think about what we need, finding things to do for free, making up picnics and snacks from scratch, and making home as good a place to be as I can. Not being able to run away (or, for example, get a taxi in to town and buy stuff we don't need), I am instead making it nicer to be here.


Simple is just fine, right now.


  1. Simple is always good! Beautiful pics!

  2. We are feeling similar to you in the opposite. Having Duncan home all day and totally stressed about finding a new job has thrown us out completely, and of course we cant have days out and treats because we are waiting on a benefit claim/new job to come. So yes, its time for me to make our home as calm and comfortable as possible. You are a total inspiration to me Sarah :)


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