18 June 2013

Simple Daybook - hanging out at home

Outside my window there is the sound of the neighbour's hedge being trimmed, reminding me that ours is well overdue a "haircut". The children are all in the garden, and I'm taking a few minutes to sit in the quiet and drink a whole cup of tea without being interrupted (maybe).

Jenna is at the top of the willow tree, bright blue tshirt and orange shorts making it easy to pick her out at a distance. Rowan has a little party of My Little Ponies on the blue pallet; she has plaited Pinkie Pie's hair and Rainbow Dash has a neat bun tied up in an elastic band. As counterpoint to this cutesy scene, Morgan is making mudpies right at the back of the garden, jumping in the puddle she has made - that's another pair of canvas shoes in need of a wash...

I am thinking that there is something really centring about a peaceful home day after a couple of very busy days out and about. 

I am thankful for wise woman friends who encourage me to grow.

In the kitchen there is a big bowl which was filled with hot buttered popcorn for snack (the favourite food of the moment) but which is now standing empty but for a couple of unpopped kernels. I put sweet potatoes in the oven to bake for tea and have chopped vegetables for ratatouille.

I am wearing a brown floor length skirt and a dark green knitted tunic dress, red shoes, and a painted slate pendant.

I am creating... um... still those red socks. But if it counts, I merrily reskeined some of my hand dyed yarn this afternoon whilst watching a couple of episodes of Warehouse 13 with a tired-out-from-long-rehearsals Jenna.

I am wondering whether Martin is aware that he took my bank card to work with him AGAIN today...

I am reading, well, I'm not reading anything at the moment actually. I just finished Mirror Wakes, which I enjoyed, but I feel like I'm waiting to be grabbed again. I have Raising Hell (
Christianity's Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire) queued up to read on the computer - looks interesting.

I am looking forward to seeing Jenna perform again towards the end of the week. She's so enthusiastic about her shows with the drama club. :)

I am learning how to handle the niddy noddy so I don't get in a tangle!

Around the house: The living room is a light scattering of shoes, a discarded toddler dress, the odd few sea creatures, a baby trike, and some of Jenna's painting bits and pieces. The kitchen is still beautifully spacious and I'm loath to put the table back in again in some ways. The little flower seedlings on the window sills are getting quite big now, Rowan is so excited for them to start to flower! 

Some of my favourite things... sunlight on little-kid curls, delicious chai, stripy baby trousers, the warm damp green smell of summer rain.

A peek into my day...

Simple Woman's Daybook


  1. Aw, love reading about your days, they are so full of colour and happiness!

    Have a good week

    San xxx

  2. What a wonderful window into your multicoloured world!

    1. Ordinary life is so beautiful. :)

  3. haha! I'm the one that always takes my husband's bank card! the baby is so big since the last time I was here! and perfect :)

    1. Why must babies grow so darn fast?! :)

  4. Sounds perfect to me, I would happily sit with you and sip tea (Redbush for me obviously, but I do miss Chai). We love Warehouse 13, I cant wait for it to return in Autumn.
    What did I just say last week about Duncan taking the bank card to work haha.
    I am reading a really good book right now, (it is written by a Mormon so obviously encompasses the Mormon scriptures, but it is mostly of Biblical reference).
    Here is the linky, the missionaries brought me a copy, I guess you could order it at the library though.



  5. Wow, the skeins look so pretty re-skeined

    1. Aren't they great? Re-skeining isn't my favourite job, but they look so professional and lovely. :)

  6. I can so relate to the need for and pleasant calm of homelife after even a busy day in town. Thanks for the window into your wonderfully peaceful day. :) ~Lisa


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