20 June 2013

This Child...

This daughter of mine, with her scabby elbows and knees and constant climbing of things and dancing every step she takes!

She has put Doctor-themed post-it notes all over the house. One I found the other day said, "Tick Tock goes the clock." One by her bedside reads, "Pleas come and take me to the stars!" I found this one on my bedroom wall:

She asked to have her hair cut short this week. Everyone keeps saying how much older she looks, but I think she looks much more like her sweet four-year-old self again! She's preparing for another show with her drama group, and rehearsing songs over and over. Here we are heading to drop her off for yet another long rehearsal. I've enjoyed packing substantial and interesting snacks for her long sessions, vegetable sticks, raisins, smoothie pouches, popcorn, and of course bags of sweets to share with the rest of the cast. :)

We half thought that theatre classes would be an outlet for all the drama, but as much as she *loves* it we still get passionate-full-on-Jenna only now with added jazz hands. ;) Tonight's the first performance. I bet she won't be able to sleep until midnight!


She's also quite the little gamer at the moment. She's on the verge of completing Myst Exile, loves designing levels on Big Little Planet for her sisters to enjoy, and talks non-stop about ideas for characters in the imaginary games she's going to invent some day. Wonderful, interesting, complex story telling goes on here, and lots of art work, all from an enthusiasm for a couple of computer games (I lose geek points for using dismissive vocabulary about gaming, I know)!

When did her legs get so long? When did she get so smart? No, wait, I know the answer to that last one, she has always been smart... She's really definitely not such a little girl any more, though.

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  1. drama, gaming and Dr who - sounds just like my house :-)


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