8 June 2013

Getting There


What a strange week!

I think I'm getting used to Martin being out of the house so very much, in spite of the amount of mess and chaos at home the adjustment hasn't been too difficult so far. None of the little ups and downs have thrown me, the children have settled and are relaxed and happy and getting on with various interesting little projects. It's really... normal - for here, anyway.

Yesterday wasn't the most fun day, what with Talia doing a crazy all-night-feed for no reason I can fathom. But we got through it gracefully, with lots of time out in the sunny garden, bread baking, the painting of the kitchen, and The Sword in the Stone with a big bowl of popcorn. There are worse things than chaotic days on too little sleep, and it was really reassuring that the miserable/panicky/shouty mama didn't make an appearance.

I don't know what I expected. This isn't the first huge shake up we've managed to get through, one way or another. Sometimes I imagine this seamless transition and then what we actually live is months of aimless frustration and unexpected misery. Sometimes I imagine this huge impossible hurdle and then what we actually live is barely a bump in the road.

I'm not sure I can tell yet how it will be this time, with the added complications of finishing off work on the house and my business going well and Talia still refusing to walk in the same direction as everyone else when I try to take them out. (Will this be the first child I need a pushchair for?!)

At least my kitchen is getting there, eh? :)


  1. It is indeed, well done for surviving the week lol. And you know the motto of mothers everywhere, "this too will pass, this too will pass
    " sometimes said in desperation and sometimes said with regret. ;)


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