29 June 2013

Unschooling Saturday

Jenna is watching Horrible Histories, and enthusiastically explaining one of the more obscure jokes to Morgan. She has a grammar book open on her knee that she has been doing exercises out of. I don't even know where she got the book from. She has a bag packed at her feet because she's going to spend the night at a friend's house. 

Earlier we spent about an hour talking about the justice system in this country, where our laws come from and how degrees of crime are considered based on their impact. At lunch there was a man in the restaurant wearing an evolution of man t-shirt, which Jenna casually referred to in conversation. Another example of how it's possible to pick up a fair depth of knowledge from all kinds of casual interests.

Morgan is being a waitress, taking drinks orders in a notebook. She seems to have spelled everyone's names correctly for the first time ever. This morning she spent a while doing crossword puzzles. She has decided that it's her turn to make dinner tonight because she loves macaroni (both the making and the eating of).

Rowan is building a crazy lego vehicle and she's made a really detailed engine block for inside it out of all of the twiddly lego button and lever pieces. She's absent mindedly reaching down to the bowl of grapes sitting next to her, popping one in her mouth, then reaching back into the lego box for another piece. I'm surprised she hasn't accidentally eaten any lego yet, totally absorbed in what she's making.

As soon as we got up this morning the girls started the synonym/antonym game. One of them chooses a word, and asks for either a synonym or an antonym, and they keep coming up with words that are close enough in meaning until one of them can't come up with any more. They kept up "angry" for at least ten turns. *impressed*

When it Flows (from Just Add Light and Stir)

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