17 June 2013

Weekending: Fathers, Firsts, Fire Engines.

Another busy weekend, two days of making the most of family time. Lunch with family, a rare chance for my dad to get all of his children and grandchildren around the same table (and perhaps a first in that he didn't pay!).
A little boy who is unbelievably ONE already. (The little cousins sweetly helped each other get up to mischief - offering a chew on the window blinds at the restaurant, throwing toys on to the floor, and copying the sitting-in-the-toybox-game.) :)

Paul and Maarja's apartment is full of interesting things - they found these antique tins on their last trip back to Estonia (where amongst other adventures Joshua apparently tried to eat a snail, as if to prove that it isn't *just* my children that do things like this).


Walking along the wall at the church at the end of our road. Their service starts just after 11am, which is convenient for those of us who had a lie in and a fried breakfast in token acknowledgement that it was Father's Day.

Then on to the Rescue Vehicles show; old fire engines and a chance to try out the big hoses themselves - and a Lancaster fly-past, "Just for me!" the Mister joked.



Candyfloss for Roo. I am finding a great deal of joy and freedom in being the mama who says "yes". Yes, let's have candyfloss, yes, you can wear three outfits layered crazily, yes let's have popcorn for dinner, yes, let's get out Christmas decorations and have a party! :)



  1. Looks like Martin had a lovely fathers day :)
    Isnt it wonderful and freeing being a Yes mama, just letting go is like taking a weight of our shoulders. Although sometimes we do get funny looks when out and about lol. x

    1. Haha yes, but I find that people who smile a lot get a lot of funny looks anyway! I want to spread smiles! :)

  2. Ha! I love the yeses, and that lovely, colorful, layered look :)

    1. She's funny. :) "Rowan, are you *sure* you want to wear all those clothes?" hehe Ah well. :)


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