11 June 2013

Daybook when simplicity is pleasing and easy

Outside my window the sun is very bright, but the air is cold and fresh and there has been a light misting of rain on and off through the day. It has been a day for wandering in the garden, where the vegetable plot is looking wonderful in spite of only three beans coming up and the cat digging up the onions (EVERY year, honestly).

I am thinking it's time to go collect my two biggest girls from their mid-week club at the Church on the corner.

I am thankful for afternoon baby nap times, beautiful fluorescent yarn, being friends with my daughters, my mum's dog sitting contentedly on my feet, and popcorn.

In the kitchen there is still some paintwork left to be finished (the bits I can't reach without the step ladder, which is a terrible idea during the hours I'm in sole charge of the little ones). We have too many plug sockets - having lived for so so long with just two! The only annoyance right now is that my scales have gone missing in the great moving of boxes and it's slowing up a yarn order (and means I can't easily bake).

I am creating toddler socks - red cabled toddler socks. I have made several mistakes in the cable and lace, but I'm guessing my littlest won't notice or care, and I'm not having the kind of week that allows for perfectionism. :)

I am going to the Arboretum to meet friends this week. That's my grand plan for getting us out and about at least one more day this week without spending money!

I am wondering whether it would not have been wiser to make more cookies this afternoon when we made one giant cinnamon cookie to share. I could happily consume more cookie about now. I am also wondering whether my children are going to start showing chicken pox or not, as today is day 16 since exposure and I've conscientiously kept them away from baby and toddler groups for two weeks now.

I am reading Mirror Wakes (the second Laenan Kite book) and not getting far, with all the distractions. I can't complain, I've read two other books this week from cover to cover (mostly by staying up later than is truly sensible because I couldn't bear to put them down).

I am hoping that I can arrange some more opportunities for the children to see friends, as our restricted outings have left Jenna feeling a little lonely. My little extreme extravert...

I am looking forward to a big squishy parcel of sparkly sock yarn for dyeing. :)

I am learning, oh, quite a few things this week. Some Morse code, some 16th century history, some Norse mythology, and techniques for sock knitting and knitted amigurumi.

Around the house: the cat and the dog are warily watching each other now, uncomfortable companions while my mum is having building work done.

Morgan is emptying Jenna's leather satchel on to the floor (I'm sure that will please her sister!) and Rowan is sitting in the middle of the living room wearing only grey spotty tights. She has a crispie cake the big ones brought her back from their club. Talia is pressing the on/off button on the playstation. Excuse me while I go and remove her!

The spinning wheel in the corner of my bedroom is getting a few minutes' use every day as I figure out tension and start to figure out a good treadling speed.

I am pondering this quote from the Radical Unschooling group: "If you can only see the obstacles, then your journey won't be easy. Be like the water, finding its way around the rocks. See the openings, the possibilities." (Robin Bentley)

One of my favourite things is peanut and salted caramel ice cream. If I have just introduced you to this concept, I am *very* sorry. ;)

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    1. *grins* Yes indeed! It glows. :D

  2. I discovered salted caramel ice-cream for the first time last week - oh my goodness its amazing!! I love Talia's dress so pretty :-)

    1. It is a dangerously delicious substance. I have a new addiction. :D

      Talia's dress belonged to me when I was a baby, and all my little ones have worn it. Jenna puts it on Tali any chance she gets. :)


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