5 June 2013

A Kitchen Diary

Goodbye old kitchen - nasty battered stained units with vicious metal edges...

The camp kitchen, for a week, has been rather fun. I have that sense of peace with clear empty space, and the desire not to bring clutter back in, but I'm so glad to have units and cooker and sink back!

I did some dye work over the weekend. So strange with all the work tops gone.

My babies have been a bit cooped up, not being able to get through to the garden and not to be able to use the kitchen, and having half of the kitchen in the living space! They mind so little, the small discomforts and annoyances, the limitations. They just accepted it all.

We're still waiting for flooring, but finally! Yesterday I got almost everything back into the cupboards, and I made bread today. It's strange. I *love* the new kitchen space, but it's still so new and everything is in different places. I can't quite get used to it yet. :)



  1. Love the new kitchen, so fresh x

  2. love your kitchen all shiny and new x

  3. It's such a relief and a blessing after over eight years of waiting. :) Now I just need to re-paint those walls - I have beautiful teal paint sitting here all ready for a small someone to have a proper nap. :D

  4. Love it and teal just totally gorgeous, happy kitchen days!


  5. Such a beautiful kitchen, I'm so happy for you. Such a blessing indead those lovely children take everything in their stride, oh and mama, I'm with you in spirit on those long days when husbands are working <3 xx

  6. It's even nicer now the floor is down - and I can't wait to get shelves back up and paint on the walls. :) :) It is a happy space now, not one I feel resentful of!


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