28 October 2012


Jenna is back, with a smile on her face, and a journey stick hung with shells and pine cones, string and paper.  Is she taller, or is it just my hungry eyes learning her all over again?  She let me read her journals.  What kind of eight year old draws molecular structures in their journal, and hypothesises about water pressure after learning to dive?  The same eight year old who writes that she misses her mama's arms, and draws pictures of her sisters, and tells me how afraid she was that Talia would forget her.

She made gifts for everyone, and bought me a beautiful little bracelet with her own money.
She learned to ride, and says she will miss Darkie and Charlie Brown a lot.  She swam two lengths of the pool without touching the bottom for the first time.  She has had a gloriously free week.  And although she tells me it has been a wonderful luxury having a whole room to herself, she says she won't miss it at all because it's so good to be home and in the familiar.

I am totally shocked that there has been *no* sibling bickering yet.  At all.  The last time we had a half day without any arguments was... um... I don't remember.
The little ones made cards for her return, and dressed up in their best party dresses, and ran to greet her with screams of joy.  It is really truly wholly good to have her back.  This year has been a blossoming year for her.  :)


  1. Oh dear mama, I am so stuck in my own greyness but I read this post over and over this morning, my smile just got bigger and bigger. Thank you Sarah for sharing your happiness and thank you Jenna, Morgan, Rowan and Talia for being beaming beautiful girlies :):) xx

  2. Sounds like she had a wonderful time, I love the picture of the 4 of them together they look truely happy to be all back together x


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