13 October 2012

Awesomeness round-up

So...  This is just a list of gloriously fun, beautiful, inspiring, online everything.  Enjoy!

Acorn bells craft.  Glitter is not optional in my house.

How to harvest Aloe Vera gel.

Ancient Egypt colouring pages.

How to make a dragonfly from maple seeds.  :)

I actually dreamed about this baby vest I'm so obsessed with it - the pattern, the colour, everything.  I think I actually *have* to knit it.

Wet felted leaves.  These are just SO pretty.

Fruit juice sweets with all-natural ingredients (and they don't even take long to make).

Physics lectures in cartoon form. Love.

An incredible cob mermaid sculpture.

Another knit from my queue of lovely things on Ravelry.  Chevron scarf loveliness!

And printable Chocolate Frog boxes!

Not enough hours in the day!


  1. Wow-fabulous ideas there....

    1. I'm impatient to try them all *right now*! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing! So much goodness! :) xx

  3. thanks for sharing. will be making the Dragonfly's and the orange sweeties!!!

  4. Another one here, totally inspired by the dragonflies and sweeties! Shame there are no maple seeds here... Or twigs *cry*.


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