23 October 2012

Another colourful interlude

I don't know if I will ever get bored of the pretty yarn pictures.  Those who have already had enough of the happy woolly posts, look away now...  ;)


Indigo, lac, and logwood.  I can't decide whether I want to list this, or make something with it myself, a lace cardigan for a girlie, something really soft and pretty, oh my goodness I love these yarns.  A day spent dyeing is always perfect confirmation that I REALLY want to do this for a living.  I mean, if I can't *not*, get actual withdrawal when there are no dye days for a while - and wake up thinking, "oh I just have to make a skein with *this* colour combination" - it's meant to be.


Just LOOK at that blue!  I couldn't believe just how dark the indigo vat was this time.  I put one playsilk in for just the barest few seconds, and pulled it out to see a deep bright navy!  I have three skeins destined to be rainbow, and the blue is so dark it will need a really deep red to compete with it.  It was much more forgiving after some of the colour had been exhausted.


The folding and sorting of so much laundry this week has had one great side effect - a bag of beads turned up.  Of *course* I put a stack of clean clothes on top of it.  *rolls eyes at self*  Bonus jewellery making session!  :)


After all the crafting yesterday, today was all about alone time with the children.  In the morning, I took Morgan out all by herself.  We went for coffee (well, tea, and lemonade, respectively) and looked around the book shops in town.  I took her to the supermarket and she chose the ingredients for all of our dinners this week with a level of maturity I would never have expected even from this thoughtful little one.  She did not stop talking the ENTIRE time we were out.  Those of you who know my Morgan will barely be able to believe that, but it's true: constant chatter!  :)


  1. Love your yarn, I might be after some of that blue after Christmas when I have competed my Christmas knitting! Your time with Morgan sounds like it went really well for both of you, how lovely that you could have some quality time together.

    1. Indigo is so incredible to dye with! :) It was so different to have time alone with Morgan, I think it may be the first time in her entire life I have actually taken her out without siblings.

  2. Love the yarn, beautiful colours. I also have a talker on my hands - I blame myself for talking to him all the time whenever we went anywhere! Even when I was pregnant I used to talk about what I could see.

    1. Morgan just is *not* a chatterer. She actually barely spoke before her fourth birthday, and she is so serene and silent usually. I guess her little introverted self just doesn't want to force a word in edgewise. She really comes out of her shell when she's on her own! :D

  3. Love the indigo - a fave dye here with me and my girl ;-)

    Lovely to hear about your day with Morgan, precious times x


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