21 October 2012

Seven Days (ish) - busy but good








1.  Journalling with friends
2.  Exploring a pigeon shed - and meeting the chicks!
3.  Baby the wrong way round in a Pizza Hut highchair
4.  Painted oak leaves on the working surface (blanks from Waldorf Mouse on Etsy)
5.  Rowan "writing"
6.  Morgan arranging things (as always)
7.  Talia enjoying the trolley my grandad made for me when I was a baby

It's just been a busy week.  We're happy and well and enjoying life, but we've barely seen home some days. These children and their social lives!  We have found some new friends, and importantly for Jenna, some friends who *also* don't go to school.  We have had visits with friends, planned and unplanned, gone to our usual library and museum days, had two free Films for Schools trips, and seen a fair bit of Ashleigh.  :)  Next week is going to seem very quiet in comparison!


  1. Morgan is so like me, I spent so much of my time as a child arranging things like that, hmm still do.......it has to be just so or it doesn't look and feel right, it unbalances me.

  2. hey flower...hope you guys are well. I had the strangest, most vivid dream last night that myself and the girls came to visit you. Except that you were living on a beautiful canal boat and your OH was teaching all the girls to fish......must be the pregnancy hormones doing strange things to my brain again....but I woke up really rested and feeling calm xx


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